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Rath of Con (Ben 10 (2016))

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Rath of Con
"Source material? HAH! Who needs that when you got the monies?" -Man of Action
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 4
Air Date: March 14, 2019
Writer: A.J. Marchisello
Director: N/A
Previous episode: Moor Fogg
Next episode: King of the Castle

"Rath of Con" is the eighty-fourth episode of Ben 10 (2016).

Let Us Tell You Why It's a Con

  1. After the fiasco from Season 2 that was "Animorphosis," Man of Action shamelessly decided to debut Rath as a "new" alien for Ben Tennyson, completely destroying the grasp of the source material.
    • Rath was most likely included for fan service and toy sales.
  2. Ben was at his absolute worst in this episode as he disobeyed his grandfather, continuously complained, nearly wrecked the entire event, and there's much more to come.
  3. Dee Bradley Baker was severely miscast as Rath. He sounds like nothing like John Dimaggio and comes off as rushed and bland. For example, the very first line from him is HERE COMES RATH! which is played extremely fast and tries way too hard to be like the original, but miserably fails.
  4. At one point, Ben insulted his grandfather, showing a sign of disrespect to the elderly.
  5. Gwen literally tells Ben to use Rath even after the havoc he caused.
  6. It just shows Man of Action doesn't even care about grasping the original source material anymore, since the fact that Ben obtained Rath when he was 15.
  7. During Ben's transformation to Rath, you can hear a jaguar roar, even though Rath is based on a tiger, not a jaguar.
  8. For some reason, Rath seems to act like a cat, because the very first thing he does is chase a mouse.
  9. Literally everyone in this episode wears a cat costume, in fact, this entire episode is about a cat convention.
  10. The title of the episode is literally the same title from a Ben 10: Alien Force episode, just switched around.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Rath's design is well-made. It's very accurate to his designs in the previous three shows (minus the wrestler outfit he had in Omniverse), and at least Rath somewhat acts like his original counterpart as well.
  2. Gwen and Grandpa Max are likable as usual.
  3. Good animation and voice acting as usual.
  4. The ending is okay as it had Ben Tennyson learning from not letting his alien go out of control.


At this point, these scenes have just told everyone that Ben 10 is destroyed, and not only that, we get to see Ben being a complete idiot by destroying everything in his path over a mouse.


The episode holds a 2.8/10 on IMDb, and is considered to be one of the worst episodes of Ben 10 (2016).

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