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public service announcement (PSA), or public service ad, is a message in the public interest disseminated without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. In the United Kingdom, they are generally called 'public information films' (PIFs); in Hong Kong, they are known as 'announcements in the public interest' ('APIs').

Why They Suck

  1. Most of them try way too hard to be edgy and scary, but of course, they fail at it. The Real Cost is a good example.
  2. Some even have child violence. There's one in which a child commits suicide by shooting himself with a gun, and there’s another one that shows a classroom of kids getting crushed by a car, and the PSA says their death is your fault.
  3. There were some PSAs where people blew up teenagers, with blood and guts everywhere! That is so disgusting and very cruel, and even Cyber8 wouldn't be crazy enough to make those kinds of videos.
  4. They're just telling people that everything is dangerous, which shows they're wet blankets and don't even realize that pretty much a lot of things are safe and you just have to be careful with the "dangerous" things.
  5. Sometimes, these PSAs can be caused by a local community. An example can be College Music, in which the Study Girl livestream chat for that YouTube channel has people who talked about their stress and mental health issues, which would link to exam season. (mostly suicide and depression) Thanks to this, College Music had to collab with Samaritans to make the slightly atrocious Study Girl PSA to deal with these people who invaded the chat. Keep in mind, the stream started on December 10th, 2018 and the PSA was uploaded on April 30th, 2019. So chances are the stream's chat became a chat for those who have suicidal thoughts, which may be possible proof that the chat was responsible for causing the PSA to happen before the latter date. This is serious because College Music now has to deal with suicidal people because of the chat.
  6. The Smurfs PSA (which appears in the GIF above) was actually approved by Peyo's family.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some people who only upload PSAs for satirical purposes or as a joke.
  2. Some PSAs can actually be well-done and not-cringeworthy, such as NBC's The More You Know PSA line.
  3. At least they act well and are really realistic, which is pretty convincing and original.
    • Speaking of acting, there are some ads that are informative or heartwarming. For example, there is an ad called "Kathy" in which a girl is crying because her father abandoned her and made the father kill a child because he was driving drunk, and the mother argues about what happened.
  4. There were some comedic family-friendly PSA ads like NSPCC's "I saw your willy" and "Pantosaurus".


  • A PSA for UNICEF of an edited footage of The Smurfs, which includes animated falling bombs.
  • A PSA for the Danish Road Safety Council where two cars crash into each other... in reverse.
  • A PSA for the Delegation to the Security and the Road Traffic where a girl in a car unbuckles her seat belt and the man who is driving the car crashes into another car.
  • The Entre Mas Rapido Manejas, Mas Rapido Te Matas series of commercials.
  • A PSA for Samaritans that College Music collaborated with where Study Girl (One of the characters from College Music) breaks down crying and attempts to kill herself. The PSA feels very wrong since Study Girl is just a girl that studies and has nothing to do with suicidal thoughts. (Unless you theorized that she is studying forever which makes her feel like it will never end)
    • Thankfully, YouTube gave out a warning towards those that clicked the video.
  • A PSA for RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that shows a dog for a few seconds, after which someone offscreen points a gun at the dog's head. Afterwards, the narrator says "Please give us a pound,...or we'll have to pull the trigger..."
    • This PSA ended up getting so much backlash that they were forced to tone it down and instead showed a kid asking how much a dog in the window cost before showing how much the dog actually costs.
  • A PSA featuring a drug pusher puppet.
  • An anti-speeding PSA from Ireland that first starts with a classroom of kids going on a field trip to park, while also showing a man driving a car. Later, while the driver is speeding, the car skids out of control, crashes through a wall into the park, flips out of control, and crushes all of the children.




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