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Protegent commercials

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Who's got the power, the power to install viruses, who answers the call for victims not in need? Proto! Protegent!
The Protegent animated videos are computer safety PSAs revolving around Protegent, an Indian computer software that blocks viruses and malware, filters junk mail, etc. Each short revolves around a person or a group of people using a computer, something goes wrong, then Proto (whose design is plagiarized from Super Why!) comes and installs himself on the computers.

Oops, Why Their Systems Crashed

  1. The Flash animation in the two-dimensional ads is very stiff and cheap. Heck, it looks like as if MAD made a spoof on Super Why!.
  2. The title itself is also very stupid and sounds more like a cleaning or hygiene product.
  3. Indian stereotyping. This is ironic because these commercials were made in India.
  4. One ad suffers from sudden drops in audio quality.
  5. Terrible voice acting.
    • The voice acting in the CGI ad sounds like it was done with text-to-speech bots rather than real people voicing the characters.
    • In addition, Proto never has a consistent voice actor; in the CGI commercial, he is given a deep voice with a British accent, but in the 2D commercial, he has a soft voice and in the rap, he sounds like a generic teenager from a cartoon series with a Hindi or Urdu accent that sounds similar to the narrator from the infamous McDonald’s Pakistan Commercials.
  6. Low-budget quality across all the commercials (that were published in 2013 and 2014, which is still unacceptable).
  7. Proto's design is plagiarized from the title character Whyatt/Super Why from children's television series Super Why!. Despite being redesigned in 2018 to avoid copyright infringement, his newer design isn't any better and looks a lot creepier to look at.
  8. One of the videos has a school's principal going crazy because a student saw "pornography" on his computer, even though he was just looking at images of couples kissing.
  9. One of the commercials, perhaps the most famous one, was a cheesy rap song, which had offkey singing and some bad grammar here and there.
  10. A CGI ad shows a character who is like Proto with a mustache, and it has Proto too.
    • Also in this commercial, when the computer crashes, it plays a censor bleep sound effect which is very unfitting as it's not a sound most computers make when they crash.
    • In 2020, this ad was remade, and it is somehow even worse, with new animation errors everywhere and the animation looking a bit worse than it did before.
  11. In 2019, another ad was made, which somehow manages to be worse than the previous ones.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The original version of the commercial mentioned in WIS #11 has passable CGI animation compared to the others, and while bad, it can be considered an improvement (depending on your view).
  2. As mentioned in WIS #8, Protegent would later redesign their mascot to avoid copyright infringement, though his newer design isn't any better and looks a lot creepier to look at.
  3. Similar to the Zazoo commercial, these ads have their "So bad, they're good" charm because of how unintentionally funny they are.


  • These commercials became Internet memes, with some concerned that Protegent was an actual virus, which is what it's supposed to fight.
  • In 2018, Proto, the Protegent mascot was actually redesigned due to copyright issues, though only slightly though, as he still looks exactly like Super Why.


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