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Programa do Bozo (2013)

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Programa do Bozo (2013)
Novo Bozo.jpg
Another SBT's children's program that was ruined in the 2010s decade.
Running Time: 285 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: February 16 -
May 4, 2013
Network(s): SBT
Distributed by: SBT
Starring: Bozo
Vovó Mafalda
Papai Papudo
Salci Fufú
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12

Programa do Bozo (2013) was a Brazilian children's television program, aired from February 16 to May 4, 2013 at Saturday mornings on SBT.

Why It Sucks

  1. The idea of bringing back a old show with a character already considered outdated as Bozo in the 2010s seemed stupid. Mainly because Bozo's original show in the United States had already been canceled many years ago.
  2. The new cast chosen to play the characters was inferior to the cast of the '80s.
  3. The revival of the show was something that nobody asked for, mainly because the children of the current generation do not like clowns as much as children of the older generations.
  4. One of the reasons why they propelled this revival was because around 2010 two new clowns appeared, Patati Patatá, which became popular among Brazilian little kids through the sale of records and DVDs with songs. Patati Patatá were hired by SBT in 2011 to become presenters of the weekday morning block Carrossel Animado, which was considerably popular during that period. Judging that SBT already had a children's show presented by clowns, there was no need for them to have two.
    • This program was also the reason for causing the failure of the Carrossel Animado with Patati Patatá in 2013 with the direction of SBT definitely giving up on having a show presented by clowns on the channel.
  5. Before the program was created, Bozo had been introduced to the weekday morning block Bom Dia & Cia in December 2012, replacing Yudi Tamashiro as the partner of Priscilla Alcantara in the presentation of the block. Bozo had negative reception by the public on this return, which should already be a good reason for the channel not to create this program.
  6. It was also responsible for reducing the time of other saturday morning block: Sábado Animado. Most likely, the block could even be extinguished if Programa do Bozo were successful.
  7. The cartoons that aired on the show were just cartoons already repeated by Bom Dia & Cia and Sábado Animado, there was no debut of any new cartoon. Adding that the Bozo cartoon wasn't new too, since it was repeatedly aired not only in the previously mentioned blocks, but it was also aired in this program.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The new intro animated in CGI looks very great.


The program did not resonate very well, unlike the classic version of the 80s and was canceled by SBT, with less than three months of exhibition and never returned to the network's schedule.


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