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Programa da Maisa

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Programa da Maisa
Programa da Maisa.jpg
Sorry Maisa, but your program is too forced and repetitive enough to your public. We don't liked.
Genre: Talk show
Running Time: 105 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: March 16, 2019 -
October 31, 2020
Network(s): SBT
Created by: SBT
Distributed by: SBT
Starring: Maisa Silva
Oscar Filho
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 66

Programa da Maisa was a Brazilian children's and youth talk show produced and aired by SBT which is presented by Maisa Silva and humorist Oscar Filho. It premiered on March 16, 2019. It ended on October 31, 2020, with a special in honor of the titular presenter. It was also aired on FOX Channel in the cable TV.

Why It’s a Poor-grama

  1. The program itself is bland and boring, as it is also too forced.
  2. Most of the guests interviewed by the program, are/were from SBT, showing the responsible for choosing the guests for the program (despite choosing guests who are not from SBT) has no creativity or consensus choice of guests at all.
  3. Some of the guest interviews that Maisa interviews on the program are very unsalted.
  4. Like Programa Cor-de-Rosa, tries to be the SBT's Vídeo Show, having the majority of the guests from SBT, games, flattery and more, but fails.
  5. It had the potential to be an improved Programa Silvio Santos, but unfortunately it got worse.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The background is very good and very detailed. The same can be said about the program's logo which is well done.
  2. Maisa is a good person in real life, that's because she has a horrible TV program on SBT (and it was just the only own program she had on SBT, due to her departure from the channel in 2020).
  3. The last episode of the program, at least was a honorable special to the host herself, since she was leaving SBT to do other things (despite two last appearances on the channel on 2020 Teleton and the following Teletons as of 2021, for being the digital godmother of the campaign and on Bake Off Brasil - Celebridades).


Despite the good reception at the first time, the program was very criticized by the viewers for being repetitive as the program progressed. André Santana from the Observatório da TV website criticized the program stating that the program started promising, but ended wistfully and that hindered Maisa's growth.


  • Due to the success of advertisers and the ratings, according to the director of SBT, Fernando Pelegio, the program could be daily in 2020, but it did not happen due to the end of the program in the same year, caused by Maisa's departure from SBT, to focus on her studies and also having signed an exclusive contract with Netflix for future projects.


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