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Principal Simmons (Hey Arnold!)

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Principal Simmons (Hey Arnold!)
Principal Simmons.jpeg
Mr. Simmons being the principal is a nice change, but sadly doesn’t last long enough to save this episode.
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 5b
Air Date: April 5, 2000
Writer: Joseph Purdy
Director: Christine Kolosov (animation)
Previous episode: Bag of Money
Next episode: New Bully on the Block

Principal Simmons is an episode from the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold!.


When Principal Wartz leaves after being criticized for being too harsh with the students, Mr. Simmons is elected as principal in his place, only to discover it's not as easy as he thought.

Why This Episode Does Not Need Wartz

  1. This episode is pretty mean-spirited, as, after Principal Wartz leaves, Mr. Simmons steps up as Principal, but no one (aside from Arnold and Gerald) respects his rules and motivations which pretty much makes the school a mess.
  2. Principal Wartz was unlikable at the beginning of the episode, as he was being a too strict Principal to the students.
  3. While having a nice principal sounds great, Mr. Simmons is just too nice and not strict enough when it comes to handling students causing trouble.
  4. This is pretty much a torture episode for Mr. Simmons, as while he did ok as principal at first, it soon spun out of control, with the students taking over the school and causing chaos, leaving him stressed.
  5. The students (except for Arnold and Gerald) are unlikeable in this episode, as they cause trouble when Mr. Simmons became principal, knowing he’s not as strict as Principal Wartz.
  6. The scenes where most of the students ignore the school’s anthem and mess around are mean-spirited, as they were very rude and disrespectful.
  7. The worst mean-spirited scene in this episode is when the school was in chaos, and the students (except for Arnold and Gerald) cause trouble all around the school and Mr. Simmons panics.
  8. Like the episode "Full Moon" this episode makes Principal Wartz extremely unlikable even more.
  9. To add another insult to injury he didn't apologize again, especially to Mr. Simmons like on "Full Moon" he didn't apologize to Arnold either.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the characters are still likable in this episode. Mr. Simmons, is a very nice principal, despite not being strict enough. Arnold and Gerald, for being the only ones not joining the chaos, and Arnold helping out Mr. Simmons and giving him advice. After quitting his job, Principal Wartz is likable for the rest of the episode.
  2. The dream Mr. Simmons has about being a good principal is nice.
  3. The school did fine with Mr. Simmons the first 2 days, but then things went quickly downhill.
  4. The scenes of Principle Waltz having a nice time without the stress of his job were good to watch, especially the scenes where he sings at the karaoke place, and the scene where he realizes he misses being principal, as well as missing the students and other staff, that he redecorated a room in his house to be like his usual principal’s office.
  5. The scene where Principal Wartz pretended to be principal at home was very funny.
  6. The ending was good as Arnold and Mr. Simmons get Principal Wartz to come back, much to Wartz’s joy. Wartz has his strictness to help the school but also acts kinder to the students at the same time, which shows good growth in his character. There was also the ending scene where both Wartz and Simmons sing together at the karaoke place, which was good to see.


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