Princess Johnny (Johnny Test)

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The Simpsons's The Principal and the Pauper isn't the only bad The Prince and the Pauper parody.

Princess Johnny is the 15th episode of Season 4 of Johnny Test.


Johnny has to pretend that he's a princess or it will be a war for both of the neighbor countries.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's pretty much a Johnny torture episode, as he's forced to play dolls with Sissy just to get some money, forced to be a princess because he looks a-lot like one that has gone missing, and King Fufassel literally tries to assassinate him.
  2. Ridiculous plot.
  3. The whole episode feels too out of place for the show's target demographic, which is boys aged from 5-12, as most boys will probably hate seeing an episode about a mostly female oriented subject matter, which is princesses.
  4. Handful of the characters are unlikeable in this episode.
    • Mr. Back & Mr. White are very unlikeable in this episode, as they pretty much persuade Johnny into being a Princess just so they can just relax by using the castle's luxury, and so they don't have to deal with finding the princess.
    • King Fufassel is extremely unlikeable, as he literally tries to assassinate Johnny just because he said a sentence wrong (Keep in mind, Johnny's only 11).
  5. Sissy is somewhat out of character here, as she's supposed to be a tomboy, but if she is, then why is she playing with mostly girly girl toys, better yet, if she wants to play dolls with somebody, why can't she just play with another girl, or a boy that enjoys that kind of stuff?
  6. Princess Maribel has a very ugly and lazy design, it's just Johnny's design but with the red fades removed from his hair and with makeup slapped on (Though this was probably intentional).
    • Ditto with Johnny in the princess outfit and makeup, Johnny with makeup looks pretty ugly.
  7. Lazy jokes such as "Princess Flakes cereal".
  8. The royal-style music is used way too much. We get that it's meant to be this way, but it's too much.
  9. The ending is pretty much just re-hashed from "Johnny Dodgeball", as both feature Johnny saving the day in a dress.
  10. Unnecessary subplot of Susan and Mary trying to design a normal dress.
  11. Dumb sounding names such as, Fufassel, Maribel, Muldavia, & Schmuldavia
  12. Misleading title-card: the dress Johnny is wearing, looks nothing like any of the dresses he wears in the actual episode.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Dukey, Princess Maribel and to an extent, Johnny, are likeable in this episode.


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