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Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel

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Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel
Super Ninja Steel Poster.png
Are our childhood memories no longer sacred? Not again, Saban Brands!
Genre: Superhero
Science Fiction
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
New Zealand
Release Date: January 21, 2017 – December 1, 2018
Network(s): Nickelodeon
RTV (Indonesia)
Created by: Haim Saban
Toei Company
Distributed by: Saban Brands Entertainment Group
Starring: William Shewfelt
Nico Greetham
Zoë Robins
Peter Sudarso
Chrysti Ane
Jordi Webber
Caleb Bendit
Chris Reid
Kelson Henderson
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 44
Previous show: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Next show: Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is the 24th season of the Power Rangers franchise.

It was soon followed by Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, the 25th season celebrating the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers and the last Power Rangers show in the Neo-Saban era before all toys and licensing properties were acquired by Hasbro.

The series borrowed footage, costumes, and props from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

In 2019, this show was dubbed in Indonesian, making it the first Power Rangers show since Dino Charge (Indosiar) to be aired in Indonesia by RTV, as well as the 2010s Power Rangers show to be aired in Southeast Asia four years after. And also, this is the first series to dubbed in Holiday Special episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. It copied most of the elements from Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge and pasted it onto the show. For example, Brody is clearly a rip-off of Tyler Navarro from the previous season and has little to no personality whatsoever.
  2. It's a literal downgrade of its already terrible Sentai counterpart, which is saying something.
  3. The Rangers (except for Preston and Levi) range from extremely unlikable to boring, due to terrible acting. For example, sometimes whenever one of the Rangers is the main focus, the development sometimes goes too far, getting to the point where the Rangers are out of character.
    • Due to subtext, at times the Rangers themselves act like bullies (or as bad as the villains). For example, in "Drive to Survive", they laugh at Victor and Monty as they fly to their possible death, and in "Prepare to Fail", they just chase villain Brax (although he was acting), not to mention hypocritical.
  4. Whenever one of the Rangers is the main focus, the Ninja Master Blade is given to the wrong Ranger during the Megazord battles, due to terrible writing.
  5. Overuse of fart jokes. The first season finale, "Galvanax Rises", is the biggest offender. Speaking of which, the fart jokes are almost as bad as the ones in Breadwinners.
  6. Most of the series' plot in each episode is utterly stupid, turning the season into wasted potential.
  7. The pink ranger, Sarah, is over characterized, and is a Mary Sue, meaning she claims that she is flawless. Some of those traits Sarah has could have gone over to the other Rangers. However, the actress Chrysti Ane (or Chrystine Lopes) is somewhat found to be a hot actress in the series.
  8. Overuse of moral of the days, getting to the point where the moral of the day in episode 2 of Super Ninja Steel (the sequel to this season) affects the monster of the week's attack power.
  9. Overuse of new voice actors, meaning that the long-time voice actors of Power Rangers are barely used (besides Kelson Henderson, who has been in the series since Dino Thunder).
  10. In real life, the game show host has a lot more authority than the champion himself, but in the show, it's the other way around.
  11. The main villain (Galvanax) barely does anything to harm the Rangers, just like most of the Neo-Saban main villains. Speaking of which, he is pretty much a watered down version of Sledge from the previous season.
    • Speaking of which, the secondary villain (Madame Odius), is not much better either. In the first season finale, she betrays Galvanax, but in the Super season, she takes over in an attempt to avenge the same exact villain she betrayed, which makes her a very inconsistent character. Also, much like Galvanax above, she is pretty much a watered down version of Heckyl/Snide.
    • To top it all off, the voices for the Galaxy Warriors fans/contestants (the background villains are seen in front of the stage where Cosmo Royale would usually be) were recycled from YouTube. See for yourself here.
  12. Victor and Monty, the comic relief characters of the season, are extremely unlikeable.
  13. Continuity errors, like Fury, despite being on the ship in the finale of Dino Supercharge, being absent when Sledge and his crew arrive on the Warrior Dome Ship, and the Earth, despite being sucked into a black hole alongside Sledge's ship, doesn't come out of the black hole along with the ship.
  14. Running cases of goofs and errors.
  15. Lack of character development, especially for the villains.
  16. The zord names are incredibly lazy. For example, Sarah's zord name is the Zoom Zord, which is incredibly stupid.
  17. The most interesting stories they tell with the Rangers are usually resolved far too quickly. For example, Preston dealing with his dad is resolved in 10 minutes and Calvin gets his driver's license in minutes.
  18. Broken morals. For example, in "The Adventures of Redbot", it basically tells kids that if you tell one lie and then do just ONE heroic thing, everyone will instantly forgive you.
  19. The Super Ninja Steel Christmas Special ("The Poisy Show") is pretty much the season's version of Super Samurai's "Clash of the Red Rangers" movie, but with Koda being the only Dino Charge ranger to team up with the Ninja Steel rangers.
  20. Combined with "Glitter Force Doki Doki", (Saban's English dub of DokiDoki! PreCure), this show effectively put an end to Saban Brands and its shows.

Problems Fixed from its Source Material

  1. Brody is less (intentionally) annoying than Takaharu, and is more balanced.
  2. The mentor, Mick, is significantly more active and has more sympathetic moments than Yoshitaka.
  3. Madame Odious takes center spot as the main villain, something viewers expected from Kyuemon.
  4. Character focus is fixed, with everyone getting their fair share of episodes, and most of them don't involve Brody in one way to another. (The original episode involving Yokai/Nurikabe Forcefear is about Yakumo and Kinji trying to overcome the fact that they're inferior than Takaharu, while the adapted episode focuses on Sarah without Brody having any importance.)
  5. Baron Nero, a villain from Ressha Sentai ToQger who became Cosmo Royale (minus his head) in this show was changed from a comedic villain into a game show host who was one of the generals of the Galaxy Warriors that can summon a MOTD and became smart on his own, and he's the one who grew monsters instead of Madame Odious herself.

Good Qualities

  1. The return of non-Sentai adapted bikes since SPD (or Jungle Fury if you count the Strike Rider), with consistent footage of them.
  2. The theme song rehashes less of the "Go Go Power Rangers" tune than Dino Charge, while maintaining a more original and upbeat tune (however "Go Go Power Rangers" is the anthem for the series as the whole).
  3. Depending on your view, the anniversary episode (Dimensions in Danger) was either good or decent.
  4. The Cockpit Control weapons in the original footage look nice aesthetically and fits the theme of the show.
  5. The action scenes are still fun.
  6. Kelson Henderson (who plays Mick), who was previously played Boom, a comedy-relief (and only) Orange Ranger from Power Rangers SPD, now became a true Power Ranger in this show.
  7. There some tolerable characters such as Preston Tien/Ninja Steel Blue, Hayley Foster/Ninja Steel White, Mick Kanic, and Levi Weston/Ninja Steel Gold.
  8. Thankfully, This is the very last Neo-Saban season to be released under Saban Brands before the Hasbro Era's beginning and Saban Brand's fall.
  9. Its successor, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, is a massive improvement.


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