Pororo the Little Penguin (seasons 4-6)

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Pororo the Little Penguin
뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로
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"If you ask me, these look terrible!" - Eddy
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes per episode
Country: South Korea
Release Date: February 29, 2012 - May 24, 2012 (Season 4)
Febuary 24, 2014 - May 20, 2014 (Season 5)
March 1, 2017 - May 25, 2017 (Season 6)
Network(s): EBS1 (South Korea)
Netflix (United States)
Created by: Choi Jong-Il
Starring: Bommie Han (Season 4; 6)
Monique Dami Lee (Season 5)
Lee Mi Ja (Seasons 5-6)
Erica Lee (Season 4)
Kristen Myung-hee Cho (Season 5)
Anna Desmarais (Season 6)
Caelyn Shin (Season 5)
Anna Paik (Season 6)
John Choi (Seasons 4-5)
Matthew Anipen (Season 6)
Samantha Kim Daniel (Seasons 4-5)
Jenny Hyobin Cho (Seasons 4-5)
Nancy Kim (Season 6)
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 26 (Season 4)
26 (Season 5)
26 (Season 6)

Pororo the Little Penguin (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로; Ppolongppolong Ppololo) is a Korean computer-animated television series created by Choi Jong-Il and produced by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband, OCON, and Channel One Russia. This series revolves around the adventures of Pororo and his friends who live in the snowy hamlet of Porong Porong Forest, who often encounter challenges and learn practical and moral lessons in each episode.

While the first three seasons (including the remastered versions of the first two seasons) were mostly well-received, and the series eventually improved by Season 7, the series took a nosedive in quality during Seasons 4-6.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with these seasons is that they predominantly lack the charm, wit, and cleverness of the first three seasons, and to a lesser extent, the seventh season, and even Season 1 & 2 HD. On top of that, the writing downgraded from being very creative and interesting to being formulaic, dull, and mostly unfunny.
    • This could likely be because parents requested Choi Jung-Il, the series' creator and founder of Iconix Entertainment, to add some educational value into the newer episodes, considering that the older seasons were made solely for entertainment and that the show airs on EBS (which stands for Korean Educational Broadcasting System), which makes sense. While it isn't necessarily a bad thing and can be beneficial for children, the show does handle most educational topics very well, for the most part, some topics handled in this show sometimes comes off as rather poorly executed, especially episodes like Crong Goes Number Two and Grumpy Pororo.
  2. Because of the lackluster writing, these seasons ended having a really large amount of average/bad episodes, such as:
  3. Most of the episodes' plots in these seasons are just rehashed episodes from previous seasons (one example of this is "Crong and Harry Have Disappeared!", which reused elements off of "Harry and Crong Disappeared" from the second season). On that topic, some would even reuse the title from these said episodes with only slight alterations, such as "Crong, the Troublemaker" (which is also a rehash of the episode of the same name from the first season; only in this time, a comma has been added in the title).
  4. Most of the main characters in these seasons were flanderized badly, to the point of becoming unlikable and lacking the charm they previously (or usually) have.
    • The titular character, Pororo had gone from a troublesome yet lovable and playful little penguin into a selfish and reckless jerk who usually scornfully taunts his friends, is dishonest to his friends at times, pulls nasty pranks, sometimes out of spite (like in Grumpy Pororo) and would often yell at and mistreat his adoptive brother, Crong probably even more than the previous seasons. Although at times, this can be justified due to the way Crong treats him back, but still.
    • Crong had gone from hyperactive and mischievous scamp, yet an innocent and goodhearted baby dinosaur who was still a good friend to Pororo despite their quarrels at times into an immature, greedy, stubborn, sulky, and obnoxious moron who constantly bothers and have slices of beef with Pororo, lose his temper for the littlest of reasons, constantly messes things up, either unintentionally or on purpose, and sometimes would scapegoat, betray or outright blackmail Pororo, in episodes like "Pororo's Special Present" and "Grumpy Pororo" for example. Yet again, this can be somewhat justified due to the way Pororo treats him back, but still.
    • Eddy had gone from a very clever scientific fox into a rebellious scumbag who always screws everything up. He also tries to get Pororo in trouble in some episodes like "Transforming Troubles". While he has tried to get Pororo in trouble before in the earlier seasons, he has gotten comeuppance for his actions, but here, he gets off scot-free.
    • Loopy's characterization has exaggerated in these seasons, becoming an even more short-tempered drama queen who constantly gets pissed off whenever her friends mess something up for her, sometimes if by accident and even for petty reasons. Episodes like "We're Sorry Loopy", "Loopy & Petty's Eventful Night", & "Loopy the Nag" prove so.
    • Harry has gone from an innocent, adorable, and lovable hummingbird into a rude and snobbish klutz who constantly loses his temper. Not to mention, but his singing is so ear bleeding, annoying, and dreadful.
  5. The humor in these seasons are pretty awful and cringe-worthy in comparison to the first three seasons, with most of them consisting of fart jokes, toilet humor, and gross-out humor, which became common traits in these seasons (particularly in Seasons 5 and 6).
  6. While the show's theme song is still nice to listen to (mainly the Korean version), the English version of "Hello Friends" since Season 5 isn't as good as the previous English versions. The instrumentals may still sound beautiful, but the lyrics became very cheesy-sounding and some of the vocals sound rather off compared to the English version in Seasons 3-4.
  7. Speaking of the English version, the voice acting (especially in Season 5) in that dub is also mediocre for the most part, as some of the characters sound rather flat compared to their original Korean voices, despite the English voice acting improving by Season 6.
  8. Some of the episodes in these seasons have mean-spirited moments in them, with "We Are Good Friends", "Grumpy Pororo", "Transforming Troubles", "Pororo, Crong! Please Don't Fight", "Loopy and Petty's Eventful Night" being infamous examples of this.
  9. While the show still teaches good morals from here to there, some of the morals in these seasons feel rather tagged on at times. "Grumpy Pororo" serves, once again, as another infamous example of this.
  10. Sometimes, there are episodes where a character doesn't even apologize and remains unpunished for their actions, such as "We Want to Go to Space" where Pororo, Crong, Loopy, Poby, Petty, and Harry kept pushing Eddy to take them to space, even though they couldn't make a clear decision who to take because Eddy's ship didn't have enough room for all. To add salt to the wound, all of Eddy's friends (except Rody, of course) get angry at Eddy for fixing the rocket in a rush, even though if they didn't keep on putting the heat on him to take them to space, he would've had enough time to repair the ship and thing would've been completely fine. Not to mention, all of them receive no consequence for what they did to Eddy, and they all get off scot-free. They don't even apologize to Eddy for their naughty and disrespectful actions.
  11. Out of all 3 seasons, Season 6 is arguably the worst out of all 3 because not only it has some bland voice acting & has toilet humor/fart jokes, but it is also the home to the worst episode of the series, "Grumpy Pororo".
  12. Similar to several episodes in Season 3, Rody is overused as a side character in almost every episode (mainly Season 6).

Good Qualities

  1. These seasons still have their fair share of good episodes, such as:
    • "Eddy's Brave Venture"
    • "Rody's Wish"
    • "Harry and the Magical Spring Water"
    • "Pororo in Danger" (despite the awful ending with Crong & Eddy being unlikable)
    • "A Day with Wall Clock"
    • "I Don't Like Bad Dreams!"
    • "We Love You Rody" (which was a heartwarming episode, it also started Season 6 on a high note)
    • "Harry's House Disappeared"
    • "Eddy's Trip to the Moon"
    • "Magical Car, Tu-tu" (which started the fourth season on a decent note)
  2. The voice acting is still decent, especially in the original Korean version and the English dub of the fourth (for the most part) and sixth season.
  3. The CGI animation noticeably improved during these seasons, especially in the sixth season as the textures became more polished and cleaner and the lightning has gotten better than it did in the previous seasons.
  4. There are still a few characters that haven't been flanderized and remain to their likable personalities, like Poby, Rody, Tong-tong, and Petty.
    • Likewise, the flanderized characters (such as Pororo, Crong, Eddy, Loopy, and Harry) do still feel remorse for their wrong-doings and do try to make up with each other and apologize as usual times. Some of their charms remain, so at least they aren't completely terrible characters.
    • Tu-tu, who has been a character in this show since the fourth season, is a well-written character.
    • Popo and Pipi returned briefly in the fifth season in the episode "Crong Gets Bored" after not making many appearances in the show after the third season.
  5. The show still taught good morals during these seasons, such as:
    • You shouldn't accuse someone of a thing they didn't do.
    • It’s okay to be a little slow.
  6. The remastered versions of the first two seasons were okay, and the show would eventually improve itself by its seventh season as it began to slowly retain the charm that the first three seasons had.


  • Season 4 was the first season to have twenty-six episodes, each lasting 11 minutes (the same goes for Season 5 and 6) per episode. The previous three seasons had 5-minute 52 episodes.
  • For Season 5, Eddy was once again reprised by Kristen Myung-Hee Cho, the voice actress who also did his voice for Season 1.
  • Initially, Pororo was created solely for entertainment. However, parents later suggested to Choi Jung-il, founder and CEO of Iconix Entertainment, that new episodes with some educational value should be included for a positive impact on children. Producers of the show have been receiving many requests, ranging from what the characters should eat and how to play in episodes to what they can do for society. At one point, it does make sense for this to happen considering that the channel the show airs on is called EBS (which stands for Korean Educational Broadcasting System), of all things considered.


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