Pororo, Crong, Please Don't Fight! (Pororo the Little Penguin)

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Pororo, Crong, Please Don't Fight! (Pororo the Little Penguin)
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Where Pororo & Crong's Fighting goes too far..
Series: Pororo the Little Penguin
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 6
Previous episode: Loopy's Camping Adventure
Next episode: The Adventures on Summer Island 1

Pororo, Crong, Please Don't Fight! Is the 6th episode of Season 6 of Pororo the Little Penguin.

Why They Can't Stop Fighting

  1. The episode is very unoriginal, as there have been many episodes where Pororo & his friends were fighting in the previous 5 seasons, such as Transforming Troubles, Let's Play Together, Smile!, Be Strong Loopy, & many more. So this is plain unoriginal.
  2. Pororo & Crong are very unlikable in this episode, and their Flanderization has been turned up to 11. They keep pulling pranks & fighting each other throughout the episode, and Crong even goes as far by sleeping at Poby's house instead of Pororo's house.
  3. Crong is so immature at the beginning of the episode, as he overreacts when Pororo messed up his building with his toy car, and chases him around the couch in the house. Proving that he's so immature.
  4. Pororo however is the most unlikable in this episode, as he keeps pulling pranks on Crong, even when Crong didn't do anything to him.
    • He knocks down Crong's building with his toy car, when he could've controlled it in a different direction but instead, he let the car knock the building down anyway.
    • He steals Crong's last cookie for no reason at all and eats it without asking. And he thought Crong wasn't gonna eat it, when he was gonna eat it so he can feel stuffed, making him not nice.
    • He then thought it was a good idea to scare Crong to get back together with him, which he thinks will work, but it obviously won't since Crong is still pissed at Pororo for what he did earlier.
  5. Pororo loses the sled race to Eddy & Rody because of Crong not being with him, also, why couldn't he just boost himself to win the race with Eddy & Rody?
  6. Crong, aside from being told off by Poby, never gets comeuppance for his actions towards Pororo, and gets off scot-free.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Pororo actually gets comeuppance by Crong, because he leaves Pororo's house to sleep with Poby & Harry, & Pororo being forced to sleep alone, which he somewhat deserved it.
  2. Pororo's friends (except Crong) are likable characters.


  1. Crong says Poby's name at 1 point in the episode.


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