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Popeye's Island Adventures

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Popeye's Island Adventures
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Well blow me down! Not the Popeye we know!

Popeye's Island Adventures is a web series based on Popeye the Sailor. The show was produced by WildBrain subsidiary WildBrain Spark Studios and was premiered on its official YouTube channel on December 2, 2018.

Why It Lacks Me Spinach?

  1. It lacks all of the charm and creativity that the original cartoons had.
  2. The redesigns for the characters (especially Bluto) are awful. A lot of them look little to nothing like the original designs and characters, looking much more like younger doppelgangers of the cast.
  3. Some of the characters act little to nothing like they did in the original cartoons:
    1. Olive is now more of a tomboyish girl who likes to invent stuff rather than being the damsel in distress she was before.
    2. Bluto now wants to steal Popeye's spinach, which is not how he acted in the original cartoons.
      • Speaking of Bluto, he doesn't look anything like his original counterpart since he doesn't have a beard, but it could be implied that he possibly shaved it off.
  4. There are barely any action or fight sequences.
  5. Wimpy, Alice the Goon, Poopdeck Pappy, the Sea Hag and several other characters from the original comic strip and cartoons are nowhere to be found.
  6. Popeye's pipe has now been replaced by a whistle, though this is understandable since the show is targeted towards a younger audience.
  7. Lack of humor and funny moments.
  8. The web series itself doesn't stay true to the source material at all; it bears little to no resemblance to the original Popeye theatrical cartoons or even the original Popeye comic strips the original shorts were based on.
  9. Unlike in the original cartoons, the characters do not talk and instead make noises. In which could mean this show, didn't have the funds to hire voice actors or have the time to write the scripts for the voice actors to say.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is nice seeing Popeye again.
  2. The animation and music are decent.
  3. It does make sense for this show to be less violent, due to how it’s targeted towards a much younger audience.
  4. Some funny moments.
  5. It celebrates Popeye's 90th anniversary in one episode.
  6. Swee'Pea reappears here after being sidelined in Popeye and Son, which essentially writes off the latter as non-canon.


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