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Pop-arazzi (Rollin' Rock Starz)

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Pop-arazzi is the second episode of Rollin' Rock Starz.

Series: Rollin' Rock Starz
Episode Number: 2
Air Date: 2005
Previous episode: Pumping Gas


Donald bought a camera and gone a bit too obsessed with it, and the crew are tired of him taking photos of them. But Mo then accidentally breaks Donald's camera. Thanks to this incident, Donald won't go to “Sunnyshade Senior Center” to meet the family’s grandparents. How will Mo make it up for Donald?

Bad Qualities

  1. Donald gets too addicted to the camera and take too many photos of the band, even during their private moments.
    • In fact, Donald would just ignore his wife and specifically only takes photos of the band.
    • He's also oblivious, as if something happens to his camera, he'll act ignorant and won't go to anywhere.
    • In one scene, Donald takes photos of the band, in his car, without looking at the road, which is potentially dangerous, at as it could end up in an injury.
  2. A unfunny running gag of Ruby getting hit by a dodgeball by Brickhead, followed by Brickhead saying "That's from Brickhead!", and this happens three times during this episode.
  3. The first two minutes of the episode are just filler.
  4. When Mo accidentally breaks Donald's camera (and apologize for what he did), Donald just acts mean-spirited.
  5. When a question about where is Donald is asked, the band just make up a bunch of lies.
  6. The band are often being mean-spirited to Donald, because he's taking so many pictures of them.
  7. By the end of this episode, Donald brought in a new camera and start taking pictures of everyone.

Good Qualities

  1. The band's performance at Sunnyshade Senior Center is pretty good to hear.
  2. One bit heartwarming moment where Mo has a conversation with Clyde.


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