Poop Doggy Dogg (Mega Babies)

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Poop Doggy Dogg
Mega Babies Poop Doggy Dogg.jpg
This episode makes you not want to get a pet at all.
Series: Mega Babies
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 10
Air Date: March 25, 2000
Writer: Ken Segall
Previous episode: Re-Usable Terror
Next episode: Hot Rod Babies

Poop Doggy Dogg is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Mega Babies.


The babies want a pet dog, but Nurse Lazlo refused to do so due to it being difficult. In the end, the babies dedcided to get a pony.

Why It's a Piece of Dog Crap

  1. As usual, the babies are even more unlikable than they were in previous episodes.
    • They kept begging Nurse Lazlo for a dog, despite the nurse telling them no.
    • They even began crying after they were told no.
    • They even caused destruction at the Pet Shop, which caused all pets to escape from the shop.
  2. As always, this episode uses too much gross-out humor, just like any other episode in the series.
  3. Nurse Lazlo (while likable in this episode), was somewhat unlikable in the scene where the Fire Department was gonna short-circuit Bullet.
  4. That one scene where the babies interfered with the Fire Department and the military stopping Bullet.
  5. Very bad ending: The babies promised Lazlo that they won't get another pet, but did you think they kept the promise? Nope! They decided to bombard her again for another pet, this time is a pony.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nurse Lazlo, the fire department, the citizens, and the military were the only likable and tolerable characters in this episode.
  2. FIRE! Uh, I mean WATER! was a clever line.


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