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Poochini's Yard

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Poochini's Yard
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes (whole)
7 minutes (segments)
Country: United States
Release Date: February 1, 2000 – March 1, 2003
Network(s): Syndication
Created by: Dave Thomas
Distributed by: EM.TV
Starring: Billy West
Dee Bradley Baker
Leslie Carrara
Jeff Bennett
John Cygan
Maurice LaMarche
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26 (78 segments)

Poochini's Yard (also knows as Poochini) is a animated tv show created by Dave Thomas, which originally aired internationally in 2000, but did not debut in the United States until September 1, 2002.

Bad Qualities

  1. It has a lot of mean-spiritedness toward Poochini, the dog of the family, in a lot of episodes is seen him being tormented by the family (notably Billy), which can be counted as animal abuse, the worst example being in the episode Dog Wanted, Doggie Day Afternoon and Hi-Class Hi-Jinx.
  2. The animation is quite cheap looking, an example comes in some scenes where Poochini runs, which is reused a lot in the show.
  3. Terrible use of gross-out and toilet humor, to the point that it seems out of place for a kids cartoon.
    • An example being in the episode Stray Dog, have a scene where the dog vomits and then eats it (thankfully, this was done off-screen).
    • In Chilli Dog, there's a scene where Billy poops on the Dirt and Bunk dogs.
    • In Smelly Dog, there's a scene where a dog seems to eat poop behind the bush, which makes her have a bad breath. Familiar much?
  4. Most of the characters of the show are portrayed as idiots, as if they don't have brains.
  5. The protagonists of the show have a lot of one dimensional, crazy personalities and are all cliche:
    • Poochini is the butt-monkey of the family.
    • Billy is the troublemaker kid, similar to Bart Simpson.
    • Walter is the dumb father. He also can be a bad influence for his son, similar to Mr. Turner.
    • Wendy is the stereotypical sitcom mother, as it is done a lot of times.
  6. Speaking of Billy, he's one of worst characters in the show, since he always tortures Poochini, like in the episode "The Cone", which he buys a cone for Poochini, and use him for terrible things, like a cup to catch ice, or for making gelatin (with fish in it), which is equivalent as animal abuse, like said in BQ #1.
    • In the episode The Tail, he makes fun of Poochini just for have a tail, even though this is normal, since all dogs have tails.
    1. In Squeaky Fromage, he torments Poochini with the cheese toy, even though he showed he is scared of the toy until the end.
    2. In Peanut Butter, he makes Poochini eat peanut butter, which makes his mouth sticky, and in the entire episode he tries to look for water to drink.
    3. In Dog Wanted, he puts Poochini in the dryer, and he is not punished for it.
  7. Some episodes have disturbing or weird plots, like in the episode Bone Sweet Bone and Massive Hound.
  8. Mediocre voice acting, as if the voice actors were uninterested in dubbing the show, even with talented ones, like Billy West. Wendy's voice also sounds grating and very scratchy because she's voiced by Leslie Carrara (best known for playing Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street, Mom on Frances, Splash in Splash & Bubbles and many others).
  9. The humor of the show is just cheesy and generic, not only using toilet humor, as said in BQ #3, but sometimes, the jokes can take way too long, resulting in slow pacing, like the last two seasons of Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls.
  10. In The Visitor, it teaches that it's okay to let a thief in the house, which is a dangerous moral to teach to kids.
  11. Bad writing, thanks to the mean-spirited theme, and the use of toilet and gross-out humor, resulting in a lot of bad and/or mediocre episodes like:
    • The Cone
    • Squaky Fromage
    • Peanut Butter
    • Doggie Day Afternoon
    • Hi Class Hi Jinx
    • Dog Wanted
    • Whitesylvania Forever
    • Born Again Dog
    • Poochersize
    • Vomitron
    • Puppy Obey (depending on your view)
  12. As said in BQ #3, it has some inappropriate, disgusting, disturbing and out-of-context moments, similar to The Wacky World of Tex Avery, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Seasons 5-6), George of the Jungle and Scaredy Squirrel, which makes you question if this is show was made for kids or for adults.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent art style, some dogs (and animals) like Poochini himself have a cute design.
  2. Nice theme song and soundtrack.
  3. Passable animation, even with it being recycled, like said in #BQ2.
  4. Some likeable characters, like Poochini himself
    1. Speaking of Poochini, he have a tragic backstory, since its former owner died, as shown in the theme song.
    2. Sometimes, characters like Billy or Wendy can be likeable in some episodes.
  5. There's some good/decent episodes, like You Dirty Rat, Phobic Family, The Skunk (depending on your view) and Christmas Tree.
    1. In some rare cases, the show teaches good morals, like in the episode The Tail.
    2. The final episode, Paranoid Dog, was a okay way to end the show.
  6. There a few funny moments here and there.
  7. Sometimes, the characters are punished for their actions.


  • All the episodes were directed by Dave Marshall and Dave Thomas
  • Dave Marshall has worked on a few shows, like The X's.
  • Dave Thomas have worked on several shows, like Wander Over Yonder, Peep and the Big Wide World, El Tigre and The Fairly OddParents.


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