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Player Select

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This is how you don't make a video game series on TV.
Genre: Gaming, Reality
Running Time: 23 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 15, 2017 –
Network(s): Disney XD
Distributed by: Maker Studios
Attack Media
Starring: Various YouTubers
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 94

Player Select (formerly Polaris: Player Select for its 1st season) is a TV series that's a compilation of let's plays from YouTubers like Jacksepticeye, CrankGamePlays, Luzu, and many others. It airs on the Disney XD block known as D|XP and aired 24 episodes from July 15th to August 30th, 2017.

In 2019, the show was renewed for a 2nd season, then premiering 12 episodes June 24th to July 16th of that year as Player Select, sans Polaris. A third season began airing on September 9th, 2019.

Why It Sucks

  1. To get the biggest reason out, most of the gameplay is the same Let's Play footage that is posted to YouTube. You can find and watch the videos showcased in this show without all of the unnecessary censoring and horrible editing. Disney just took the Let's Play videos from YouTube and edited them for TV, making it essentially a clip show with the only intended purpose is to cash in on the let's play trend on YouTube.
  2. While the show claims it's for a general audience, it contains content that's inappropriate for its target audience.
    • It was controversial amongst parents for having censored profanity on a network intended for children.
  3. Horrible censorship that makes even the 4Kids dub of One Piece look professional, such as attempting to cover up the blood and gore with cats or other images, recoloring the blood (which inadvertently recolors other things on the screen) and even cutting major content out.
  4. The f-word was left uncensored in a chatbox in one episode, as well as the word "dildo."
  5. Horrible, annoying, and cringeworthy editing throughout the entire show that feels like a young YouTuber trying to throw in deep-fried effects on a video to "make it better". While season 1 still has some editing, season 2 and later revs up the editing to occur at least once every 10 seconds, which will get on your last nerve.
    • A lot of the editing is also repeated, such as the confetti effect which shows how cheaply made the show was.
  6. A lot of the jokes and memes that the show tries to fill in with the edits are extremely dated and completely forced. Again, season 1 didn't have a large attempt to add these memes in, but the later seasons tries extremely hard to shove them down the viewer's throat.
  7. Loads of filler, especially in season 3. The show has an extremely high tendency to repeat quotes for no reason other than to fill time.
  8. Tries to be hip and cool to appeal to the target audience but fails miserably. Attempts include: Trying to cash in on Fortnite in season 2 and 3 (to the point where Fortnite has been included in every season 2 episode), and attempting to appeal to Roblox players in season 3.
  9. While it does feature some good games like Happy Wheels, Gang Beasts, and Duke Nukem 3D, some games showcased are mediocre or bad like Hello Neighbor and Omnibus.
    • Also, don't they know games like Rust, Happy Wheels, Duke Nukem 3D, and Guts and Glory are not appropriate for younger kids? Why are they showcasing them on a show meant for "general audiences"?
    • The show also is over reliant on indie games with first party and AAA games such as Rocket League only appearing sparingly. Most notably, the only two Nintendo games showcased on the show, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker, only appeared in the last three episodes of season 1 and hasn't been seen since. Not helping is that most of these indie games are repeated for most episodes, so be prepared to keep seeing Clustertruck in plenty of season 1 episodes and I Am Bread in most season 2 and 3 episodes.
    • Alongside, some game choices are weird, such as in season 3 where The Sims 4 is often showcased even though most of the time, the footage is just the YouTuber making a character in there, which isn't exactly gameplay.
  10. There's not enough variety of games played and YouTubers showcased (at least in the earlier episodes of season 1, but season 2 and 3 suffers from this too). In the first episode, only Jacksepticeye, Strawburry17, and Luzu were the showcased YouTubers, and the showcased games were Happy Wheels, Hello Neighbor (both played by Jack), Slap the Fly (played by Strawburry), Enter the Gungeon, and Duke Nukem 3D (both played by Luzu).
    • This is more notable in season 2, where most episodes follow the four YouTuber and four-game formula with at least one game being Fortnite.
    • The specials "The Septiceye Jacktacular", "Jack Attack", "Royale Rumble", and "Just Get Over It" takes this reason to the max, utilizing an example of only one YouTuber and one game. The earlier two episodes only features Jacksepticeye as the YouTuber, and the latter two only showcases Fortnite and Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy respectively. The "Royale Rumble" special is nothing more than a cash grab in attempt to appeal to Fortnite fans.
  11. Due to Maker Studios's partnerships mostly only consisting of YouTubers that were aimed for older audiences, this resulted in placing YouTubers intended for mature audiences like Jacksepticeye or CrankGamePlays on TV, even though their content isn't meant for children. Season 2 and 3 worsened the situation by adding more mature YouTubers such as Markiplier to the pack. There are barely any YouTubers intended for younger audiences on this show, despite targeting a general audience.
  12. Nonsensical goals, to the point where it is impossible to win or fail the show's desired achievement(s). In "Rest in Pixels", Jacksepticeye somehow fails an achievement for Guts and Glory just because his playable character went off a building after he completed the level. On the other hand, there have been no achievements failed for The Sims 4 as all of them was won after creating a simple character in the game.
  13. They even dedicated a whole episode to Jacksepticeye in season 1 and 3 and placed him in almost every episode, meaning more overly-censored content that's lower quality than the original.
  14. Any and all dialogue is constantly being censored since Disney tries hard to ensure this is appropriate for general audiences.
  15. They steal footage from other videos or shows without permission from the original owners. For instance, in the "Rat-a-Phooey!" episode, they used the "My leg!" audio from Template:Best without permission from Nickelodeon. In addition, the "Just Get Over It" episode uses a speedrun clip from YouTube without crediting the original poster. Not helping the case is that this show lacks any sort of end credits.
  16. It gave the YouTubers featured an undeserved bad reputation.
  17. It's one of the many reasons why D|XP is a bad block, along with their coverage of E3 2018.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In the 2nd season, they started showing trivia about the YouTubers during the show, which can be interesting at times.
  2. The 1st season, while still atrocious, is far more watchable than the later seasons because the editing is less frequent, the game selections make more sense, and doesn't rely on trends to keep up the audience.





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13 months ago
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That fucking troll that lives in the pavement


10 months ago
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Go watch the “Nicktendo” segments of the KCA instead.


8 months ago
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Who's the WORST: CN Real, Nick Studio 10 or Player Select?


7 months ago
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All of the above are the worst programming blocks to be ever aired on television.


7 months ago
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Sorry but how the fuck are "God", "crap", "hell", "dammit" and "freaking" swear words, it’s not like we are in Disney Junior, sorry if this is bad but seriously, they are mild words, even Tad The Lost Explorer got away from using the word "crap" and not that many people showed problems with the word being said in the film


6 months ago
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Toontubers (a show from Latin America, presented by Mordecai and Rigby) has almost the same problem, like the fact that they play games not made for kids (like Hello Neighbord and FNAF)

Mickey Mouse

6 months ago
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I remember that back when I watched Cartoon Network I wondered why Mordecai and Rigby never played a Nintendo game, the closest to that being some Sonic games.


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Don’t Mordecai and Rigby own a freakin’ Master System though? Had no idea they made FNAF de-makes for old Sega consoles LOL.....


5 months ago
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Ever since it started this has always been my absolute least favorite block on Disney XD


3 months ago
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This show would have been rated TV-MA in the US.


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Like Adult Swim.

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