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Planet Sheen

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Planet Sheen
Planet Sheen Paramount Plus Cover.jpg
Making a spin-off series with the comic relief as the main character almost never ends well, except with a few exceptions.
Genre: Comedy
Science fiction
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
Canada (Animation production)
Release Date: October 2, 2010 – February 15, 2013
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Keith Alcorn
Steve Oedekerk
Steven Banks
John A. Davis
Distributed by: Paramount Domestic Media Networks
Starring: Jeffrey Garcia
Bob Joles
Rob Paulsen
Soleil Moon Frye
Jeff Bennett
Fred Tatasciore
Thomas Lennon
Candi Milo
Episodes: 26
Previous show: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Planet Sheen is an American computer-animated comic science fiction television series. It is the second spin-off television series of the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, as well as a spin-off/sequel of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. The series was picked up for 26 episodes by Nickelodeon for its first and only season. Jeffrey Garcia returned as the voice of Sheen, and Bob Joles and Rob Paulsen are the voices of Nesmith and Doppy. The series was originally animated by C.O.R.E. in Toronto, but animation production moved to Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver after C.O.R.E closed down. At that time, Chris Neuhahn took over as Supervising Producer. Planet Sheen premiered on Nickelodeon on October 2, 2010 (along with T.U.F.F. Puppy) in the United States and its final episode aired on February 15, 2013.


Sheen Estevez, the protagonist, despite a warning from his friend Jimmy Neutron about a button on his ship, presses it to see what happens. He finds himself on another planet. No humans... The planet is ruled by "The Emperor". Sheen is pursued by Dorkis, our adorable clueless bad guy, who has intentions of capturing our protagonist. Sheen is accompanied by Nesmith, a talking chimpanzee who has also found himself marooned upon this planet.

Why It Makes Sheen Unable To Return Home to Earth

  1. The idea of a series centering on a character like Sheen is unoriginal, lazy, and not a good idea since Sheen was designed to be the comic relief and not a protagonist.
    • On that topic, Sheen himself has also fallen from grace when he was flanderized from being a supportive and actually funny comic relief character that had a fun personality, to being a rather annoying, aggravating, and unfunny comic relief idiot with barely any character and with the personality of Jar Jar Binks.
  2. Executive Meddling: According to reports and Jimmy Neutron's fan wiki page, Planet Sheen was originally going to be a more serious show:
    • The plot of this program was that Sheen arrived on the planet by accident after an argument with his friends, with his arrival on the planet he would become the right hand of the Emperor, however, he would discover that The Emperor was a ruthless dictator who sought to conquer all the planet, so Sheen would pose as a double agent to help the Resistance (led by Aseefa), overthrow the Emperor, and return to Earth.
      • At the same time in the first drafts, it was contemplated that Jimmy, Carl, Cindy, and Libby, together with the other friends or allies of Sheen would help him fight against the Emperor through the communication generated by Goddard, in turn Jimmy's villain commanded by King Goobot V, they would return, teaming up with the Emperor to destroy Sheen, Jimmy, the resistance, and Earth.
        • Thus accepting that taking the serious route could have furthered Sheen's character development and explored previously hidden aspects of his character, which has potential for being a comic relief focused spin-off done right.
    • The reasons that led to the decision to discard this great idea was that Nickelodeon, after finishing Avatar: The Legend of Aang, made several administrative decisions with the writers or sponsors, which far from helping the company, caused disputes between various workers added. to the Writers' Strike of 2007, caused the dismissal of its former directors and the breaking of the contract of one of its sponsors, before this the company suffered a serious deficit causing the resignation of several writers or the budget cut of several productions, and executives hesitating too much to make a good show, asked creators Keith Alcorn, Steve Oedekerk, Steven Banks, and Mike Gasaway to change the tone and story because it was too similar James Cameron's Avatar movie.
      • So after the resignation of the original writers, he forced the creators to settle for this ridiculous or pathetic spin-off excuse, discarding all the plot and background, that the program was going to have, where they only ended up keeping the name of the characters.
      • It is worth mentioning that this decision was made very hastily, since originally the new Nickelodeon executives wanted the program to be called Red Acres "Where a clumsy fast food delivery boy after entering a rocket accidentally landed on a planet known as Hillbilly", but Nickelodeon rejected it because it did not have a child protagonist, curiously Planet Sheen recycled several of the plots and aspects that Red Acrees was going to have.
    • Jimmy Neutron creator John A. Davis himself even said in an interview on the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast that Sheen is fun to write, but he works better in small doses, thus implying that Sheen is probably not very capable of being the main star. This show may have very well proved his point.
  3. Production Hell: During 2010, some Nickelodeon workers posted on the Reddit forum that Nickelodeon mishandled the Planet Sheen show, since Nickelodeon had misallocated the show's budget, on that same forum, workers confirmed that some producers of Nickelodeon advanced and delayed the production of several chapters, which caused a discussion with the writers and animators of the series.
    • In addition to that, in 2012 some Nickelodeon animators declared again on Reddit that the production company Nickelodeon since the end of 2010 had frozen the production of the series due to salary discussions with the directors of Planet Sheen, who preferred to let the program die since Nickelodeon already had not paid the workers.
  4. Corruption in Test Screening: Despite being a cartoon, according to testimonies from former employees, Reddit leaks from Nickelodeon workers as well as from Jimmy Neutron's fans, this cartoon would have suffered from corruption in the transmission of evidence, since originally for Planet Sheen there was a large number of episodes, where the majority would be 25 or 30 minutes long. However, due to low ratings and negative reviews, all the plots that had been proposed or created that had the objective of improving the program, among them were demos and storyboards of animation like the return of Jimmy, everything was rejected at once, where these storyboards were hidden by orders of Nickelodeon executives.
    • In addition to when the show was semi-frozen and burned off to NickToons after the bad relationship between the main executives of Nickelodeon with The Producers of the program, all the material that they had in mind was eliminated because they no longer wanted to invest money or time in it the program.
  5. Laughable yet forgettable theme song, which is all just random things being sung by Kevin Michael Richardson in a deep monotone voice.
  6. Despite the premise stating that Sheen must attempt to return to Earth, Sheen doesn't have any concern with returning throughout the series. On that topic, he decides to stay and live on Zeenu in the final episode (who completely doesn't think about Libby who was Sheen's girlfriend in the show), making it end on an obvious cliffhanger.
    • In fact, it also ends with Nesmith (the literal butt-monkey of the show) getting a cold, only to get worse near the end of the episode.
    • It also was never shown if Sheen returned home. However, in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron episode "The Tomorrow Boys", it is implied that Sheen did return to Earth, and it was also stated in an episode of Rob Paulsen's podcast, Talkin' Toons. Then again, the futures shown by the Chrono-Arch were predictions, so the future could still change. But it still didn't happen.
  7. Aside from Sheen, none of the other characters (including Jimmy, Carl, Cindy, and Libby) from the original series appears in this show. Because of this, you could replace Sheen with some other random character and it wouldn't make a single difference.
  8. False advertising and publicity: The promos that were made for the series stated that Jimmy and his friends would have an important role within the series. However, they do not appear or are mentioned in this cartoon as stated above.
    • In addition to that, in some promos of the series that were distributed on television networks around the world, it seems that Sheen would be a kind of fugitive since several dialogues indicate that the aliens are afraid of him, this never happens in the series, at the same time some dialogues indicate that Jimmy and all the friends of Retroville are going to rescue Sheen, this does not happen in the series either.
  9. Very poor, uncreative, and laughable character names. For example, the main villain of the show is named Dorkus.
  10. The art style and visuals, while not terrible, are cheap looking for 2010 standards and is a massive downgrade from the original show, which came out eight years prior.
    • The movement and facial expression of practically all the characters are incredibly slow since there are very noticeable moments in which the movement of the mouth seems to be a simple sigh or an inhalation of air Sheen and Aseefa are the characters that have the better design when they are talking, it gives the impression that they are whispering instead of speaking.
    • At the same time, because of the slow movement of easy expressions, they make the characters look incredibly grotesque, especially the character of Princess Oom.
  11. The Zeenuians' character designs all look poor and unappealing.
  12. Mostly bad voice acting, even from actors such as Jeff Garcia and Fred Tatasciore.
    • In addition to that, in the different dubbings that distributed in the series, several of Sheen's voices were not respected and were replaced by other actors.
    • However, Bob Joles does give a good performance as Nesmith.
  13. Several of the episodes feel like parodies of the themes that were embroidered in the Jimmy Neutron episodes.
  14. On the new planet Sheen finds himself, it does not feel like a technologically and intellectually advanced civilization, as the aliens live at some point in a monarchical way mixed with a republic, though at the same time each of them is extremely submissive and ignorant to realize that Sheen is an ordinary human or that they are afraid of Jimmy's rocket.
  15. Nesmith can be considered a Butt-Monkey, a character who gets hurt a little or for no apparent reason. The same can be said for Dorkus, the main antagonist.
  16. Its Latin American dubbing was not well received because there was a change in the dubbing studio where it was dubbing The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (It was said a lot that it was due to the budget that the dubbing had at that time) ,causing the dubbing of the series to be done in Venezuela, which caused much criticism and discontent from Latin American fans.
    • In addition to the above, the Venezuelan dubbing actors mainly Paolo Campos "Sheen's voice in this program" received racist insults and death threats from fans, in turn, Irwin Daayan "Sheen's original voice" received harassment from fans who demanded that they sue Nickelodeon.
  17. The plots of the episodes are incredibly bland because the series does not follow a linear structure like Avatar. The series makes the same mistake as the final two seasons of The Fairly OddParents of not focusing on making a good story for the characters but keeps handling a non-linear structure or is full of padding.
    • As already mentioned, the series tries very hard to make episodes that lack development or a linear structure, which makes it boring and unfunny for the viewers. The series itself has four structures to make episodes:
      • Sheen getting in trouble for doing stupid things or telling lies.
      • Dorkus devising a plan to defeat Sheen, only to end up getting hurt in the end.
      • Sheen, Nesmith, and Doppy having an adventure on the planet.
      • Sheen supposedly teaches the inhabitants of the planet "Ways From the earth".
  18. Most of the new characters in the series are merely dumb replacements for the characters from the original show, most notably Doppy, who is Carl but an alien. He has a very similar body shape and beady eyes, personality, and even the same voice actor as Carl, Rob Paulsen. Mr. Enter even called him Carl in his review of the show because of this. Oh, and did we mention he's an alien Carl?
    • As already mentioned, Doppy is virtually identical to Carl, but he is dumber and naive while retaining the worst aspects of Bolbi's and Brobot's "Jimmy's Robot Brother" personalities.
      • In Rob Paulsen's "Talkin' Toons Podcast" where he poses as Carl, he reveals many hidden details, including the fact that Doppy was just him in disguise while Sheen is currently in juvenile detention (back in the Earth after returning from Zeenu).
    • Nesmith, despite being likable, is a very cynical parody of Jimmy Neutron.
    • Dorkus, although also nice, is a pathetic and lazy combination between the main villains or enemies of Jimmy, especially Professor Finbar Calamitous, King Goobot V, Junkman, and Meldar, in turn, he is a more homicidal version of SpongeBob SquarePants' Squidward Tentacles. Mr. SquarePants is more depressive or suicidal than Plankton and any other ineffective villain in fiction.
    • Pinter, despite being a likable character much like Nesmith and Dorkus, is a meek mix between Linda Beautiful, Jimmy's Cousin Baby Eddie or Brobot "Jimmy's Robot Brother", and any loyal and bumbling lackey of any fictional villain.
    • Aseefa is a bad copy of Libby, and also shares the personality of Judy Neutron.
    • The Emperor is a sillier combination of Hugh Neutron, Ham, and Bolbi, and in turn, Ham from Toy Story.
    • Princess Oom is a frenetic, maddening, and grotesque parody of Cindy Vortex and Libby in some ways.
    • Grish the Handsome is a ridiculed or arrogant version of Nick Dean or Jet Fusion.
    • Chock Chock Aseefa's pet is a very bad combination of Goddard and the Twonkies.
    • Global and Hajing, Droopy's parents, are the stupidest and most ridiculous versions of Carl's parents, as well as sharing the same design.
    • The monsters or beasts of the planet are also pathetic combinations of the Twonkies and Poultra.
    • The warriors and the main guards of the Emperor are bad copies of General Baker and General Ernest Abercrombie.
    • Similarly, the city of aliens is a deviant copy and parody of Retroville or the monks of the Shankri-Llama.
  19. Like seasons 9 and 10 of The Fairly OddParents, the series repeats many jokes to the point that they get old quickly, such as:
    • Doppy beating himself up.
    • The Emperor impressing Sheen's nonsense.
    • Princess Oom crying or wanting to lick Sheen.
    • Nesmith saying he's going to build the rocket.
    • Dorkus receiving a beating.
    • Dorkus threatening to attack Sheen.
    • Sheen feels disgusted by Princess Oom.
    • Sheen saying or wanting to do strange things.
  20. Aseefa isn't as good as a love interest for Sheen in this show as Libby in the original show was. Because of how the whole relationship is treated more like a wacky comedy than the original show interpreted Sheen and Libby's relationship.
  21. Much like Nickelodeon's other then-recent SpongeBob knock-off, the series copies several of the negative aspects of SpongeBob's dark seasons, such as:
    • That humor is limited to being grotesque.
    • The main protagonists are incredibly annoying, immature, and unfunny comic reliefs who never shut up whenever they're on screen.
    • The villain, Dorkus, is treated like dirt by the protagonist, even though he doesn't deserve it.
    • The secondary characters, in this case, the aliens or the emperor act as "The Inhabitants of Bikini Bottom" I mean, applaud the antics of the protagonist.
    • Nesmith is the victim of the jokes of the protagonists.
    • The plots have open endings or a linear structure.
  22. This show has a lot of gross-out and toilet humor, which was not common in the original show.
    • On that topic, the episode "Is This Cute?" features a pony with a rainbow mane named Boh-Rok who is feared by the aliens, shoots out snot, and picks people up with his nose hair, all of which are disgusting to audiences.
  23. Outdated boyish and girlish stereotypes are very annoying and sexist, especially the latter.
  24. The series is most likely a franchise killer for the Jimmy Neutron franchise, as there has been no fourth season or even any announcements of new shows since it ended, leaving the show on a cliffhanger (as mentioned above), and Nickelodeon has since given up on the franchise.
    • Besides that, the failure of this show botched O Entertainment/Omation, which has remained dormant since it ended.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Sheen's voice actor, Jeff Garcia, reprised his role in the show.
  2. Sheen's character design is still identical to his Jimmy Neutron design and hasn't changed.
  3. Carl does make a cameo in a flashback in "Is This Cute?".
  4. Bob Joles gives a pretty good performance as Nesmith.
  5. At least some of the crew of the original show, including the creators, were involved in this show.
  6. The pilot episode was decent, though sadly the main show went downhill from there.
  7. Nesmith, Dorkus and Pinter are the only likable characters.
    • Nesmith could be a bit smart, and Aseefa is protective and helpful to Sheen at the beginning. She is also a talented yodeller as she yodels Mary Schnider's "Clarinet Polka Yodel" in the pilot and other episodes.
  8. Like Sheen's design, other designs of some characters such as Nesmith and Aseefa's are passable as well.


While The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was well-received and gained a cult following, Planet Sheen received mixed reviews from critics but received largely negative reviews from fans of the original series due to erasing the realism from the original show, not using any of the original show's cast besides Sheen, lazy humor, ugly animation and lacking any character development. Fans also stated dislike for the fact that Sheen's return to home was never shown. In addition, it has constantly listed as one of the worst cartoon spin-offs of all time and one of the worst Nickelodeon shows of all time. The show currently has a 2.9/10 rating on IMDb.

Saberspark placed this on #4 on The Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Cartoons. placed this at #10 on The Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Shows.


  • There was originally going to be a made-for-television film finale in which Jimmy and his friends go to Zeenu to find Sheen and bring him back to Earth, but it canceled due to the series' failure.
  • Carl was originally going to be part of the series, and it would've been about both Sheen and Carl stealing Jimmy's rocket, but it changed to being just about Sheen due to executive meddling and so, Doppy created.
  • John A. Davis later announced that he regretted working on this show.
  • The show wasn't going to be a spin-off and was going to be a show called "Red Acres"; the show was supposed to be about some random fast-food worker who got launched into space and crash-landed onto a planet with hillbilly aliens, but Nickelodeon didn't pick it up because it didn't have a child lead and it retooled into this.



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