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Piranha Be Loved by You (Tom and Jerry Tales)

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Piranha Be Loved by You
Piranha Be Loved By You 29 title.png.png
"Love Hurts" literally, but in this case, "Love Bites"
Series: Tom and Jerry Tales
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 13a
Writer: Meredith Jennings-Offen
Director: Tim Maltby
Previous episode: Tomcat Superstar
Next episode: Spook House Mouse

"Piranha Be Loved By You" is the thirty-seventh episode of Tom and Jerry Tales. It is directed by Tim Maltby, written by Meredith Jennings-Offen and storyboard by Lyndon Ruddy.


Tom is trying to win the affection of Toodles Galore, but a piranha is making this hard on him.

Why It Not Be Loved

  1. It's a harsh mean-spirited Tom torture episode as he does nothing to Jerry unlike previous attempt to woo female cats, much like the infamous Gene Deitch-era episode "Calypso Cat". This is unlike the cartoons "Springtime for Thomas" and "Smitten Kitten" where Jerry, despite getting jealous at Tom once he starts wooing female cats, doesn't even do anything to sabotage it but just giving a pouty glare while on the sidelines until getting persuaded by his evil conscience in both cartoons.
  2. Just like in "Calypso Cat", Jerry is unlikable here as he tries to sabotage Tom with a piranha for no reason at all, he dislikes him from dating Toodles.
  3. The piranha is also unlikable as the piranha harshly attacks Tom for little to no reason, and has no personality aside from being a typical ferocious man-eating beast. Even the two unnamed fishermen that fished out the piranha from the lake were aware of this fact and are afraid of it.
  4. For no particular reason, the piranha constantly attacks Tom and ruining him and Toodles date.
  5. For some reason, Toodles remains completely oblivious of the Piranha's presence and just blames Tom for ruining their date, especially when the piranha attacks Tom until he loses most of his fur.
    • Bafflingly, in two separate scenes when both Toodles and Tom are on the love tunnel and the ferris wheel, Toodles still proceeds to blame Tom for ruining their date instead of the piranha that biting Tom, even when in both instances the piranha is shown right in front of her eyes!
  6. Plot hole: Each time the piranha appears at where Tom and Toodles are, for some reason it only attacks Tom instead of both cats.
  7. Jerry comes as hypocrite because he tries to flirt with Toodles with wolf whistles.
  8. Half-bad ending: Tom can't date Toodles anymore due to how she has enough of the shenanigans that the piranha caused.
  9. Misleading title card: In the title card, the piranha is colored dark green. But in the actual episode, the piranha is colored light olive-green.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tom along with Toodles are still likable here.
  2. Half-good ending: with, Jerry getting his comeuppances, When Jerry wolf whistles at Toodles, she smacks him with her purse because he is the one who caused the piranha to put the trouble on Tom. Tom and Jerry then make up.
  3. The first two minutes of the episode was decent.
  4. Good moments with Tom love for Toodles.
  5. The animation. music and voice-acting is good as usual.
  6. The episode had a fairly good premise, but it was not so executed well.


  • This, along with "Spook-House Mouse" and "Abracadumb", are the final episodes of Season 1 of Tom and Jerry Tales.
  • The piranha bears a striking resemblance to Flappy from the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Cat Fishin'" from the original Hanna-Barbera era, except with green skin, a larger mouth, a shorter body and huge sharper fangs.




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