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Pinpin le Lapin: Attack of the Giant Red Octopus

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Pinpin le Lapin: Attack of the Giant Red Octopus
Pinpin le Lapin- Attack of the Giant Red Octopus.jpg
The thumbnail for... an attempt to satirize a medium.
Running Time: 9 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: 2002
Created by: Studio Tanuki, Nicolaï "Méko" Chauvet, Utku Kaplan and Nicolas Flory

Pinpin le Lapin: Attack of the Giant Red Octopus (French: Pinpin le Lapin: L'attaque de poulpe rouge geant) or simply as Pinpin le Lapin (Japanese: パンパン ル・ラパン Panpan ru・Rapan) is the pilot of Bunny Maloney. However, unlike Bunny Maloney, it's more risqué. It is produced by a group of indie animators, Studio Tanuki, and was released somewhere in 2003.


A large octopus-like robot - called the Takotank - terrorizes a city to the point where even Noacak's forces can't fight back (much to the general's concerns). A scheme conducted by Doctor Debilouman, it seems he and his red, squiddy friend have it all good. The supposed heroes, Seigi-Sentai ProtecTeam thus have to pilot their giant robot Pinpinganger and save their hometown from destruction... but for the most part, ridiculousness may ensue.

Why It's Very Inappropriate For Everyone

  1. As mentioned above, it contains more risqué content than it's successor. It can feel on the nose for trying to be a joke on how the characters look Sanrio-esque yet can act raunchy and weird.
    • This is also the reason why Bunny Maloney contains so much inappropriate jokes for a kid's show.
  2. The entire pilot feels like it came out of Newgrounds in the 2000s.
  3. There's an over-usage of Japanese anime references.
  4. Some pretty bad French voice-acting.
  5. The introduction of Bunny, Candy, Jean-Francois and Stan Ookie aren't very interesting to watch as they just rotated from their sides to the front of the screen.
  6. The characters have some quite effortless designs.
  7. Stan Ookie has visible testicles (because of tanuki biology + folklore), which is awkward.
  8. Even if the pilot doesn't care about characters to begin with, Bunny Maloney is an even bigger jerk in the pilot than he is in the series.
    • Hell, he gets so pissed he even beats up Jean-Francois for interrupting his "activity" with Candy.
    • He also hits Candy, causing her to fly up to the sky and never seen again after the giant octopus hit her from annoyance.
  9. Stiff and bizarre Flash animation.
  10. Candy Bunny's magical girl transformation (to Pinky Mimi Delalune) is just stupid, as 1. She's in a very still pose fading into the next design, and 2. It shows images and art of Sailor Moon for whatever reason (one of them includes a man cosplaying Sailor Moon, uncredited).
    • The logo's Japanese katakana (ピンキミミデラルン Pinki Mimi Derarun) is also seemingly written in MS Gothic and it somewhat doesn’t look like a good design.
  11. The characters' combat suits look lazily designed since they're just red (Bunny), pink (Candy), and blue (Jean-Francois) with white markings on the hands, feet, and Candy's scrunchie with white R (Bunny), P (Candy), and B (Jean-Francois) letters on their chests.
  12. Misleading Advertisement: Potchi was shown in this promotional image, and yet he didn't appear in the pilot.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The beginning tries to give off old-timey blockbuster vibes with low quality music, film effects and complex machinery happening in the background, which look really good.
  2. At least the fight scenes are passable.
  3. The scene where Jean Francois is playing Dance Dance Revolution (really fast) is pretty funny.
  4. Its successor is a major improvement and also better animated in full CGI instead of Flash.
  5. Plus, the later series at least tried to stand on its own removing stuff like the overdose of references.


  1. The pilot is a risque parody of anime and manga, hence why there's a lot of cameos and such to popular series and franchises (There's even an Evangelion screenshot at the beginning likely implying it's parodying Gainax's work).
  2. 2D and 3D animation were used to create the pilot.
  3. This is the only time where Bunny is seen without his combat shield on.
  4. Originally, the pilot was on a website called, but it was taken down due to unknown reasons (likely due to copyright since MoonScoop greenlit this).
  5. Jean-Francois and Professor Debilouman's names barely changed at all as they had Moppemond and Doctor removed respectively.
    • Bunny Maloney was named Pinpin Lelapin.
    • Candy Bunny was named Rabby Quawaillie.
    • Stan Ookie was named Monsieur Tan.
  6. The English and Japanese subbed versions of the pilot are lost and there has been no translation of it ever since.



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