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Pink Suds (The Pink Panther)

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Pink Suds (The Pink Panther)
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The weakest short of The Pink Panther's dark age.
Episode Number: 123
Air Date: December 19, 1979
Director: Art Davis
Previous episode: Doctor Pink
Next episode: Supermarket Pink

Pink Suds is a 1979 cartoon from The Pink Panther series and was the 123rd episode produced in the series.

Why It Gets The Suds

  1. The plot line is very weak and dull as it's just the Pink Panther trying to wash his clothes, but something goes wrong whenever he tries to do it.
  2. Tiring long gag with the Pink Panther stuck in a bucket.
  3. The Little White Man and the Dog are incredibly unlikable here since the Pink Panther keeps ruining the Little White Man's laundry, but the Little White Man ruins the Pink Panther's laundry twice by making it wet and driving his car across a mud puddle to make it muddy and the dog serves no purpose to the plot other than interrupting the Pink Panther when he's trying to wash his laundry, and both of them get off scot-free at the end.
  4. Speaking of the Dog, his barks are annoying and he is poorly designed unlike he was in the original cartoons.
  5. Insufferable music as with most Pink Panther cartoons produced from 1978 to 1980.
  6. Mediocre animation.
  7. The writing is all over the place as the writers try to add in various gags to try to get a cheap laugh from the audience.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Seeing the Pink Panther slap the annoying dog a couple of times was satisfying to watch.