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Pink Kahuna (Pink Panther and Pals)

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Pink Kahuna (Pink Panther and Pals)
This episode is like Linc or Swim, but even worse
Series: Pink Panther and Pals
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 36
Air Date: 2010
Previous episode: Too Many Chefs
Next episode: Eli the Aardvark

Pink Kahuna is the episode number 36 of the 2010 TV series Pink Panther and Pals


The episode takes place in a beach when Pink Panther is relaxing at the Beach. But Mr. Big Nose is forbiding the fun at everyone.

Why This episode is not a right part for a beach

  1. This episode starts when Pink Panther is trying to relax at the beach. But Mr. Big Nose hitted his hand and gave him a forbid note and tooked away his baggage in the secret place.
  2. There was a very annoying moment when a little girl cried just because Mr. Big Nose putted her dad at the sand digged. Not to mention that this episode used Baby Kate's Crying sound effect.
  3. When a little kid builded his sand castle, Mr. Big Nose destroyed it and putted a sign about No Building Sand Castles.
  4. There was one moment when Mr. Big Nose used an excavator to destroy a giant sand castle builded by Pink Panther and the little kid. But thank god his excavator drowned out the water.
  5. The moments when Mr. Big Nose uses his whistle to warn everyone are so irritating.
  6. Bad Moral: The bad moral in this episode is that having fun in the beach (Except in dangerous zones) is wrong. Which that's a terrible moral.
  7. There was one moment when some girls laughed at a strong man just because Mr. Big Nose throwed a volley ball at him. But the strong man digged Mr. Big Nose into the sand.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. At the ending of the episode, Mr. Big Nose got arrested by a cop for being a bad beach guardian.



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