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Pink-In (The Pink Panther)

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Pink-In is a 1971 Pink Panther short directed by Arthur Davis. In this short, The Pink Panther is reading an old letter, sent to him by his old friend Loudmouth Louie; he wrote a letter about their old adventures.

Why It Sucks

  1. This entire short is just a filler clip episode, one of the laziest types of episodes in any cartoon; as it reuses stock footage from "G.I. Pink", "Pink in the Clink", "Pink Pajamas", "Pickled Pink" and "The Pink Package Plot". It also doesn't help the fact that this would be the first clip show entry for The Pink Panther franchise.
  2. The added sound effects are really frequent and aggravating. An example is the electric toothbrush scene as rather than adding one whir sound effect, it decided to add countless boing sound effects making it painful to listen to.
  3. This entire short is just one big plothole: How would Loudmouth Louie know Pink Panther if we never saw him in the original short or any of the added scenes?
  4. Despite the animation being good, it may sometimes mix with the original shorts badly. An example is that in the Pink Pajamas segment, the Pink Panther has a pink outline with a much more simplistic background whilst the added scene shows him with a black outline and a more detailed background.
  5. Some parts of the music feel like it's played on a constant loop.
  6. Tiresome plot. It's about Pink Panther reading some old letters from his old friend about the adventures 'they' had.
  7. The pacing feels slow, which is not acceptable for a comedy show like Pink Panther.
  8. The short is also very pointless as it came out during The Pink Panther Show, which shows reruns of shorts, even the 1964-1968 shorts.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The TV version doesn't have a laugh track, unlike the other shorts (which are still much better than this one).
  2. Good original animation, despite not being frequent and sometimes mixing poorly
  3. It's quite nice to see the original shorts on the big screen again, despite it being recycled heavily and pointless.


It received a 4.5/10 on IMDb, the lowest out of all the Pink Panther shorts.



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