Pilot (Victorious)

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Pilot (Victorious)
What a bad way to start an amazing show.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: March 27, 2010
Writer: Dan Schneider
Director: Steve Hoefer
Next episode: The Bird Scene

Pilot is the first episode of Victorious.


After Tori fills in for her sister in a big musical showcase, she's asked to enroll at an elite performing arts high school. But once there, she wonders if she'll ever fit in.

Bad Qualities

  1. This episode is nothing like the rest of the show.
  2. The soundtrack isn't very great.
  3. There's a very inappropriate joke when Sikowitz says "Andre, nobody wants to see big nudes".
  4. Sikowitz is very annoying, as he does nothing when Jade bullies Tori and humiliates her in front of the whole class.
  5. The way everyone forced Tori to perform for her sister was mean-spirited, as they didn't even give Tori a chance to breathe. They even forced her to change in front of all the girls.
  6. Trina was unlikable at the part where she just left her sister to explore the school on her own.
  7. Some of the characters introduced are sometimes out of place, for example, Rex looks nothing like he does from the second episode onward.
  8. Jade was unlikable in this episode, especially at the part where she poured coffee on Tori during class for "flirting" with her boyfriend.
  9. Tori running away from class was not a good thing to do (although, she was upset because of Jade pouring coffee on her in front of the whole class).
  10. This episode was not a good way to start the series, though it did introduce the main characters.

Good Qualities

  1. While the soundtrack wasn't that great, the song, "Make It Shine", was amazingly performed when Tori got over her stage fright, and would become the show's theme song.
  2. Some of the other characters are likable, such as Andre, who helps Tori during her performance and comforts her when she got upset because of Jade.
  3. Tori showed she has some good talent, so when the audience cheered for her to go to Hollywood Arts, it felt rewarding.
  4. Trina does have her funny moments, and she also had a heartwarming moment with her younger sister, Tori, when Trina told her to go to Hollywood Arts because she thought she was pretty good during her performance, which made Tori feel better.
  5. Jade does get a fair comeuppance when Tori manages to get her (also Cat and Andre) out during a game of Alphabet Improv in class, and kisses Beck, which isn't really stealing Jade's boyfriend, since they were just acting after all.
  6. Many fans of Victorious who think the show was good from the start might like this episode.


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