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Picnic at Hanging Dork (Total Drama World Tour)

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Picnic at Hanging Dork
TDWT 3x16.png
Despite being better than the predecessor, it still doesn't redeem itself from being bad.
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Season: 16

Overall: 70

Air Date: Canada: January 13, 2011

US: September 20, 2010

Writer: Michael Gelbart
Director: Keith Oliver

Chad Hicks

Previous episode: The Ex-Files
Next episode: Sweden Sour

Picnic at Hanging Dork is the 16th episode of Total Drama World Tour.


The 2 teams fly to Australia to use an emu to travel to Hanging Rock, then they bungee jump to grab a sheep and shear it. Courtney continues her "losing on purpose" to eliminate Gwen.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's yet another episode of the Dark Age of Total Drama World Tour next to "Greece's Pieces" and "The EX-Files".
  2. Courtney is very unlikable in this episode for constantly losing on purpose to eliminate Gwen.
  3. There is a gross-out moment where an emu barfs when Alejandro and Courtney are flirting.
  4. The song "Shear the Sheep" has somewhat bad, stupid and corny lyrics.
  5. Courtney says she's a good babysitter.
  6. Somewhat Plot Hole: Alejandro says that Heather never flirts with a contestant as strategy, but she did with Trent in Search & Do Not Destroy and Duncan in Are We There Yeti?. However, he didn't compete when it happened and maybe he didn't watch the series before.
  7. Terrible Ending: Gwen gets eliminated instead of Courtney.
    • Chris is unlikable for giving Gwen eucalyptus, knowing she's allergic to it, causing her eliminated for losing the tiebreaker.
    • Duncan is unlikable for throwing a dingo at Cody, if he hadn't, Cody wouldn't have gotten dizzy and would have properly voted Courtney off.
    • Cody is kinda unlikable for bumping into Duncan while the latter tries to ride the emu, which caused Duncan to retaliate. To be fair, he kinda deserved it for cheating on Courtney.

Good Qualities

  1. Half-Good Ending: This is the first episode for Team Amazon to finally lose a member (albeit it's not Courtney), because this is the 16th episode.
  2. Depending on your view, "Shear the Sheep" can be funny.
  3. The other characters are likeable and Heather was likable for teaming with Gwen and Cody against Courtney.
  4. Duncan getting knocked out by a kangaroo is very satisfying and funny at the same time.


  1. As of this episode, the season has visited every inhabited continent.
  2. This is the first episode to visit Oceania.


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