Pickle and Peanut

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Pickle and Peanut
Behold! Disney's failed attempt at meme material.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 7, 2015 – January 20, 2018
Network(s): Disney XD
Created by: Noah Z. Jones
Distributed by: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Starring: Jon Heder
Johnny Pemberton
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 38 (74 segments)

Pickle and Peanut is a 2015 Disney XD show created by Noah Z. Jones, the creator of Almost Naked Animals and Fish Hooks.


This buddy comedy, which features a mixture of animation and live-action, follows the offbeat adventures of small-town teenagers Pickle and Peanut. Entering their final year of high school, the friends are determined to have as much fun as possible before graduation and the resulting responsibilities of adulthood. Pickle and Peanut try to be anything but ordinary in their Nevada suburb. Peanut always stands up for what he thinks is right - even if it isn't always right - and will do anything for his best friend. Pickle, meanwhile, wears his heart on his sleeve and, when his buddy comes up with a crazy plan, he usually makes it worse.

Why It (Intentionally?) Sucks

NOTE: The show was most likely made as a joke, so it is meant to be bad on purpose.

  1. The animation in this show is ugly and terrible, especially in a Disney show, since it has an excessive amount of images taken by Google or edits made in Photoshop, similar to Fish Hooks (another show by Noah Z. Jones). The character designs are hideous and lazily made, especially Pickle and Peanut, and even the characters seem to have disfigured faces. The backgrounds also look horrendous as they look like they were done by a college student in Paint in two weeks. What's jarring is that Mercury Filmworks, known for their high quality animation in other shows, animated this show, although at least they animated the series premiere episode before Copernicus Studios took over production.
  2. Pickle and Peanut are literally the same characters but with different designs.
  3. This show feels like a poorly done version of Regular Show with a bit of Breadwinners thrown in.
  4. Most gross-out humor in the show looks either watered-down or too clean, making the show too clean for those who like gross-out and too gross for those who don't like it.
    • The pilot episode, "Greg", is about a zit on Pickle's buttocks. What makes this even worse is that this pimple on Pickle's butt cheek came from pimple removal cream (which doesn't make a lick of sense) and it makes him, as Peanut puts it, "a real lady magnet".
  5. Before the show first aired, Johnny Pemberton, the voice of Peanut, insulted anyone who criticized the show on Twitter, calling them "cum-guzzling trolls with negative follower/following ratios." We kid you not. This shows that Johnny Pemberton cannot handle criticism.
  6. Much like The Wacky World of Tex Avery, a lot of content is too weird, disturbing, and inappropriate for a kids' show. To name a few examples:
    • A woman taking a selfie of Pickle's butt in "Greg"
    • The two main characters sharing the nicknames for male "special parts" in one episode
    • Champion Horse seemingly peeing on a fire
    • There are also very inappropriate references for kids and Disney audiences, with extreme violence and constant swear references.
      • For example, in the episode "The Goose's Juice", there are several on-screen deaths. There are also incredibly disturbing episodes, such as "Body Spray" as well.
  7. One of its CGI Christmas specials, "Yellow Snow", looks comparable to the works of Video Brinquendo or Fireman Sam since season 6, if not worse, to the point that it looks hilariously awful. Seriously, if you need any proof, then see for yourself.
  8. Below average soundtrack, mostly done in an "8-bit" retro style similar to Breadwinners.
  9. Despite being catchy, the theme song has no effort and sounds robotic (it sounds a lot like Robot Jones’ original text-to-speech voice). Even Mr. Enter and PhantomStrider described it as a four-year old's shopping list. The lyrics to the theme song also make no sense, as it literally just repeats the series' name over and over while listing random things.
  10. The last episode, "Clip Show" was of course, a clip show.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Because of the abysmal quality of Pickle and Peanut, this is believed to be intentional, as far as the show being considered "So Bad It's Good", similar to the movie The Room, and some audiences enjoy the product's quality. While there are plenty of meaningless storylines, it can be really interesting and fun that they don't take themselves seriously. Meld this, the animation's presumably intentional blandness and the excessive usage of images and stock footage, and the output is extremely funny, very unique, and even cool, leaving aside how ugly and terrible animation is, since already remembers to the memes or shitposts. "Volcano" and the aforementioned "Yellow Snow" episodes denote outstanding examples of this sincere hilarity.
    • "Candy Factory" featured an action scene with decent-to-very good animation, which if we take into account the specific fact it came out of nowhere in an episode of Pickle and Peanut, the unexpected action comes off as both epic and funny.
  2. The voice acting is considered surprisingly good for some people, since the actors are very expressive and never get bored, they seem to be excited when playing their roles, which makes a lot of sense, since the characters have a hyperactive attitude, despite what annoying or insufferable it can be.
  3. Characters range from tolerable to likable, given that both Pickle and Peanut (despite their panoramic stupidity) have good intent of helping others and never go beyond selfishness or seeking revenge on occasional bullies.
  4. As mentioned earlier in WIS#10, as for how average it can be, the outro theme and intro are catchy, to the point that they will make you want to dance or listen to it on YouTube or just put it in your head to remember it.
  5. It does improve in season 2, but that's not saying much.


The show received extremely negative reviews from the public. The show currently holds a 4/10 rating on IMDb.

Fellow YouTuber PhantomStrider easily considers this the worst Disney cartoon ever produced. He is more than shocked that Disney, of all companies, would produce something like this, especially since they were responsible for making such amazing shows such as Gravity Falls and extraordinary movie hits such as Zootopia.

It currently has a 63% on Google.




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