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Photochucked (Angry Birds Toons)

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Photochucked (Angry Birds Toons)
Photochucked TC.jpg
"Dad! You're wrecking the show!" - Marceline the Vampire Queen, Adventure Time
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 24
Air Date: April 29, 2016
Writer: Richard Preddy
Director: Juanma Sanchez Cervantes
Previous episode: Stalker
Next episode: Bake On!

"Photochucked" is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 3 of Angry Birds Toons and the one hundred and second overall.


Everyone knows Bomb the bird, but when it comes to photobombs, another member of the flock steals the spotlight. Hint: He’s really fast, full of himself, and yellow – rhymes with pluck.

Why It Should Be Photochucked

  1. Chuck is very careless and unlikable in this episode. He carelessly photobombed all the pictures and doesn't care about angering Matilda to the point where he became egotistic and acted like nothing was wrong in this photo, and the title card shows that he is very happy when Matilda was very mad about having her photo ruined and he still antagonizes her. So "heroic", Chuck. Even worse, he got away scot-free for these actions and he also became poorly written, which makes him a Karma Houdini.
  2. It's just a Matilda torture scenario in this episode: Chuck rudely kept on photobombing Matilda's photos (on purpose) and felt no remorse after he photobombed.
  3. Even when Chuck is supposed to take a flower picture without him, he still does it, which proves that he has a careless side of him.
  4. Chuck doesn't get called out and just got more unlikable than usual because that he still never cares about how Matilda got mad at him.
  5. Some fans consider it one of the worst episodes behind Eating Out since they are one of the biggest offenders out on the show.
  6. Terrible ending where Chuck doesn't care about his actions, and feels very proud for angering Matilda.
  7. The title card is even worse as Chuck is smiling though Matilda, which makes the fans root for Matilda and despise Chuck for this.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Matilda is a likable character in this episode, as we do feel bad for her after Chuck is trying to make things go bad towards her.
  2. The animation and voice acting is well-done as usual.
  3. This could be considered Chuck's vengeance against Matilda's deeds in Eating Out.


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