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Pepper Steak

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Pepper Steak
"Stupid horses!" - Pepper Steak
Genre: Animated show
Network(s): Newgrounds
Created by: ToddCircle
Distributed by: ToddCircle
Starring: Pepper Steak
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 15

Pepper Steak is a Australian animated series based on the British TV show Peppa Pig. It was made by ToddCircle and has 15 episodes in total. It can only be seen in either Newgrounds or Vimeo.


This series is about a young cow named Pepper Steak who goes on misadventures with his two friends named Ugg-Boots and Garlic Prawn. He lives in a family with his mother, father and his twin sisters.

Why It Deserves to Be Called "Stupid Horse"

  1. Annoying comedy and humor that's usually filled with any form of toilet humour, for example in Swimming Pool, Pepper Steak and his friend Ugg-Boots both peed in the pool just to turn it yellow. Even worse, Leather Cow took a dump in the water just to make it brown. That shows how immature the show is with its humour.
  2. Laughable names of the characters, such as: Mr. Weiner, Ugg-Boots, Gluestick, Daddy Stud, etc.
  3. The intro is a clone of the Peppa Pig intro, but except with more characters, George is replaced with two pieces of meat, and more.
  4. Gluestick is a bland and a forgettable antagonist, first of all, he did nothing other than arguing with the titular character over the ant being exploded in Looking at Ants, then he made a minor appearance at the end of Being a Pirate, Yarr. All he ever did was trying to defame Pepper Steak of how he melted him with his magnifying glass, and lastly, in the finale he was a irrelevant character having a major role in Stupid Horses, all he ever did was having a fight with Pepper Steak and then he tried to beat him at the race, it was unknown who won the race.
  5. One of the characters has a head of a penis and he started being a screenhogger since his first appearance in Learning to Drive.
  6. The voice acting is awful, Pepper Steak and Gluestick's voices sound feminine when both of them are supposed to be males. Daddy Stud's voice sounds like a old caveman, and Prawn sounds more of a cowboy. Thankfully, the voices became better later on.
  7. Very lazy characters designs that are nothing but recolours of the characters from Peppa Pig, the other characters that don't suspiciously look like Peppa Pig fanmade characters are just sprites taken from Moho Pro 12.
  8. Pepper Steak shows his penis in some episodes which is considered to be child sexualisation. Not only Pepper Steak does this, but also his friend Prawn shows his penis to Daddy Stud in Great Big Pianist.
  9. The finale, Stupid Horses was a awful way to end the series, thus making the show end in a cliffhanger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some good moments.
  2. Daddy Stud is the only tolerable character since he is cautious of Pepper Steak misbehaving in some episodes, mainly when he tried to stop Pepper Steak and his friend Ugg-Boots from peeing in the pool in the episode "Swimming Pool".
  3. A few decent episodes, such as "Chocolate Eggs" and "The Return of Pepper Steak" (parts 1 and 2).


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