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Peer Pressure

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This show proves that Wheeler-Sussman Productions cannot make a quality game show at all.

Peer Pressure (also known as Pressure 2) is a game show that aired in syndication from 1997 to 2000. It was produced by Wheeler-Sussman Productions and was hosted by Nick Spano.

Why It’s Peer Pressure

  1. Nick tries too hard to be hip, and also berates contestants. His co-host Valerie Rae Miller is just as loud.
  2. Lame plot device.
  3. Unfair gameplay.
  4. Cheap theme song.
  5. Terrible set.
  6. Contestants who lost the Temptation round were forced to hand out pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers to the peer group after the show, which is humiliating.
  7. Its “second season” is just the first season, but with the Magic 8-Ball segments removed, as well as a rip-off of VH1’s Pop-Up segments. Its “third season” is, again, the first, but renamed Pressure 2 and all spoken instances of the original name are now rendered as “(beat) Pressure”, but they couldn’t censor out the original logo.