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Paradise Smurfed (The Smurfs, 1981)

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Paradise Smurfed
Paradise Smurfed.jpg
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 17 (Broadcast order)
25 (Production order)
Air Date: October 17, 1981
Writer: N/A
Previous episode: Supersmurf (Brodcast order)
The Clockwork Smurf (Production order)
Next episode: Sir Hefty (Broadcast order)
(Production order)

"Paradise Smurfed" is the twenty-fifth episode in the first season of The Smurfs (1981).


Lazy, Greedy and Brainy find a place that is like paradise.

Bad Qualities

  1. The beginning of the episode has Papa Smurf act out of character, as he angrily forces Lazy to fetch a pail of water. Has he learned nothing from his mistakes in The Purple Smurfs?
    • It would have made sense if there were bridging sequences with Papa Smurf telling his Smurfs the story of how Lazy Smurf prefers to work for once instead of sleeping during the fall. He would have told the other Smurfs it was one of the times before they had Smurfette.
  2. Lazy Smurf's adventure all turned out to be a dream, which is anticlimactic.
  3. There are inconsistencies with Brainy's character: At one point, he lays down on an oak tree, which is also out of character. Later in the episode, he is seen helping Greedy Smurf with the firewood.
  4. Rushed ending: Lazy decides to catch up with his work while the other Smurfs go to sleep, leaving Papa Smurf confused.
  5. This is a poor attempt at doing an Ants and the Grasshopper story with the Smurfs as substitutes, along with elements of Fantasy Island.
    • The plot was done better in "Haunted Smurfs", where the Smurfs retrieve food from Mr. Poppery.
  6. There's no scene where Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs rescue Lazy from the magic river. It just ends with it all turning out to be a dream.
  7. Bacchus, Cicero and the cat turn evil and want to eat the Smurfs for dinner (making them copycats of Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael).
  8. Smurfette doesn't appear anywhere in this episode.

Good Qualities

  1. Good animation and voice acting.
  2. The plot was never brought up again after this episode.
  3. The dream ending bit was done better in "The Smurf Who Would Be King".


  • As mentioned above, Smurfette does not appear in this episode.