Papaya Bull

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This cartoon should have been sent back to Papaya Island to not be seen by anyone else ever

Papaya Bull is a Brazilian cartoon series produced and exhibited by Nickelodeon Brazil.

At the moment, Papaya Bull, has about 26 episodes and debuted on October 2, 2017 on Nickelodeon Brazil. For now, there is no forecast for any new season.


The story takes place on the island of Papaya, where each child receives an ox as soon as it is born, an ox that will be your best friend and protector for life. Everyone has his own Cacupé, who arrived mysteriously on the island and ended up staying with Sócrates, a neurotic ox that was left over. Now a duo is going to challenge the costumes of Papaya Island.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show is supposed to be based on a legend of Brazilian folklore (Bumba Meu Boi/Boi de Mamão), however it bears no resemblance to the legend. The only exception is the name, which is the same, but in English (even in the original Brazilian dub) instead of Portuguese.
  2. The show makes excessive use of toilet humor.
  3. It is very stingy.
  4. Most of the characters like Cacupé, Floriano, Joaquina, Dani, Hermano and Floriano's mother are unpleasant.
  5. Speaking of Cacupé, he is an extremely annoying protagonist, and he never shuts up!
  6. Some facial expressions are grotesque and ugly.
  7. The character design of the characters are mostly dumb and uncanny, the worst examples being the main characters Cacupé and Sócrates.
    • Cacupé looks like a rip-off of Finn from Adventure Time with a pink ball nose and a brown afro hair (he even has a broken tooth).
    • Sócrates looks like a stereotyped nerd, he has a deformed head and a very humanized body that makes him extremely different from the other bulls that appear on the show (which by the way have much more cute and better designs than Sócrates). Ironically Socrates was originally supposed to resemble the other bulls in the show in conceptual arts ( and he even looked a lot better that way, however, the producers probably decided to change his design in a terrible attempt to make him look more unique.
  8. The show tries to make sure its plots are not clichés, but repeated attempts to be least cliche as possible are horrible and poorly executed, resulting in bad endings most of the time like "O Tempo Nao Para- Parte 2","Os Caçadores da Bernuncia Perdida" and "Boiderella".
  9. As stated in the topic above some episodes have bad finales.
    • At the end of "Missao Ralo", Cacupe ends up accidentally dropping his sword into an ox's bladder causing it to burst and causing him to have a cardiac arrest.
    • At the end of "Os Cacadores da Bernuncia Perdida", Cacupe misses the question and ends up being devoured by Bernuncia.
    • The moral of the episode "O Tempo Não Para Parts 1 and 2" is that we should always change our life problems instead of valuing the life we ​​already have.
    • At the end of "Boiderella", Socrates fails to get the promotion and Dani ends up winning in his place.
    • at the end of "Carrapatos me Mordam" the tick asks Socrates to be the godfather of his children, however, the children of the ticks were in YOUR HEAD!
  10. Like most of Nickekodeon's Brazilian cartoons, this one has not spent more than 1 season with 26 episodes and no new season is expected.
  11. The background characters are very poorly drawn, being drawn WITH THE SAME COLOR.

Good Qualities

  1. Some facial expressions can generate an unintended comedy.
  2. Funny moments here and there.
  3. Some exciting moments.
  4. Good voice acting directed by the great Melissa Garcia.
  5. The premise of an ox coming out of a papaya tree is very good, although poorly executed, and makes many references to the folklore of Florianopolis.
  6. Some characters are nice like Sócrates (depending on your view), Guri and Ju and Rerê.