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Panda's Birthday (We Bare Bears)

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Warning: Do not attempt to add neither the "Finale" nor "Bad Finales of Good Shows" categories, as it is painfully obvious that everyone should know by now that the TV film, We Bare Bears, is the only finale of the show and was in production long before this episode even aired. It may be a season finale, but not a series finale.

Panda's Birthday (We Bare Bears)
History repeats itself.. and this time, the K-pop stans are along for the ride.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: Season: 43
Overall: 140
Air Date: May 27, 2019 (United States)
October 16, 2020 (United Kingdom)
Writer: Mikey Heller
Kris Mukai
Director: Sang Yup Lee
Charlie Parisi
Previous episode: Tabes & Charlie

Panda's Birthday is the 43rd episode of Season 4 of We Bare Bears and the 140th and final episode of the series before the movie came out the next year.


To make Panda's birthday better, Grizzly and Ice Bear take him to the hotel where the K-pop group Monsta X is staying. In their usual antics, Grizzly disguised himself as a bellhop, runs afoul of another bellhop who is hungry for tips, Panda finds himself hanging onto dear life outside the hotel and Ice Bear tries to protect the group from crazy members of Monbebe, the Monsta X fan club.

Bad Qualities

  1. What's probable the main reason for this episode being disliked is because it's a massive cliffhanger episode, making it feel more like a series continuity episode. As doesn't help it didn't resolve the finale issues, with the TV film finale We Bare Bears: The Movie, which was focusing on the bears going on a trip to Canada because they are kicked out of their house, was building up throughout the series.
  2. It is the reason why the movie didn't come out until 1 year after the show ended, which is awfully late since most Cartoon Network movies based on shows premieres normally premiere a few months or so after a season finale or maybe during the current season of a show is still running.
  3. The episode features the K-pop band Monsta X, which is an attempt at being hip and cool, when it actually fails.
  4. Rips off the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Whale of a Birthday" because of the way they go to a hotel or restaurant for a character's birthday.
  5. Panda only cares about wanting to see his favorite band Monsta X on his birthday, showing how spoiled he has become.
  6. This episode is nothing but to only exist to ruin Monsta X's reputation and to cash in on rap and K-Pop music.
  7. Missed opportunity: At the end, they never show the bear brothers get home after they spent Panda's birthday in a hotel as his vacation gift for his birthday.
  8. This episode easily ends the show straight on a cliffhanger because we don't know how long the bears are going to stay in the hotel for Panda's Birthday.
  9. Even some people who love this show expected a PART 2 of this episode or a SEASON 5 after this episode ended instead because of that horrible ending!

Good Qualities

  1. None of the characters are unlikable in this episode, especially Panda, who is likable.
  2. Some of the songs are still great.
  3. The voice acting is still good.
  4. Many Monsta X fans may like this episode as much as they want to.
  5. Thankfully, when the movie came to Cartoon Network in 2020, it helped improve the series finale very strong so that this finale's not the sour ending.


  • This episode aired one week after Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Game of Thrones ended.


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