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Over Exposed (6Teen)

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This episode shouldn't have been exposed at all.

Over Exposed is the 50th overall episode and the 23rd episode of the second season of Canadian teen animated comedy show, 6Teen.


After accidentally seeing Jen completely nude, things start getting really awkward between Jonsey and Jen.

Why It's Too Much Exposure

  1. Jen, who is usually the sensible and mature one of the group, acts very out-of-character in this episode - particularly in the ending.
  2. Not even halfway through the episode, Jen and Jonsey broke a promise they made to each other on not to tell the others that the latter saw the former naked.
  3. A terrible ending, where Jen shows off a picture of a young Jonsey completely naked and wearing nothing but galoshes in front of a crowd of people and a celebrity which leads to him getting fired (which this time wasn’t all that deserved).
  4. It also doesn’t make sense as Jonsey unintentionally saw Jen nude and it wasn’t in a public place, it was in their own home.
  5. Some gross-out humor, like Jude vomiting from eating to much fries and the sounds of farting when Jen is hiding in the mall bathroom.
  6. Plot hole: How was Burger McFlipsters able to hire Jude so quickly?!
  7. Second plot hole: In "Going Underground", Jude got his "Stick-It" food stop shut down for health violations, and was banned by Ron the Rent-a-Cop from ever working at food services again. So, why is Jude working at Burger McFlipsters without any trouble from the law, since he is supposed to be banned?
  8. It’s basically a Jonsey torture episode, first he starts to act anxious around Jen (his step-sister), gets vomited on by Jude and then humiliated/fired from a job he was actually doing a decent job at.
  9. The whole conflict of this episode started simply because Jonsey was too impatient to wait for his turn in the bathroom.
  10. Third plot hole: It's implied that Jen hasn't seen Jonesy naked before until now, but in the infamous "Wedding Destroyers" episode, he was streaking past her and the other shower party attendees, including Emma as well! So, she must have already known about his nudity incident.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The sub-plot where Nikki running The Khaki Barn was pretty okay.
  2. A few good moments here and there, like how Jude advises Jonsey to visualize food to get seeing Jen naked out of his head.