Onward and Upward (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")

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Onward and Upward (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")
More like "Homeward and Downward".
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: June 26, 2003
Writer: Vincent Waller
Director: John Kricfalusi
Next episode: Ren Seeks Help

Onward and Upward was the first episode of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon".


Ren and Stimpy are sick and tired of living in a homeless man's mouth and decide to move to new digs.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ren feels out of character in this episode and the show as a whole. For example, he tricks Stimpy into kissing the anus of a rat. He doesn't get any karma for his actions.
  2. Immature jokes where Ren and Stimpy eat the saliva, boogers, and vomit from people after they dropped inside the spit jar.
  3. That one cruel scene where Ren is whipping two living potatoes as he forces them to become mash potatoes is disturbing to look at.
  4. The "Ask Dr. Stupid" segment feels tasteless and shoehorned in order to get a cheap laugh and make viewers think that they're watching the original Ren & Stimpy.
  5. The bartender talks in an offensive Jamaican accent which can be offensive to people of Jamaican descent.
  6. Ren & Stimpy engage in anal sex during the climax. ...yes, really.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The "Who's the pitcher, who's the catcher!?" joke was funny.
  2. The animation itself in the episode is really well done.
  3. Despite the bad qualities of this episode, if you remove the anal sex scene, it could feel like a normal Ren & Stimpy episode considering the humour and nature of the original show.


Well-known cartoon devotee Thad Komorowski gave this episode a "Bomb" rating on his Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story book. He wrote in regards to it: "Onward and Upward inflates an eleven-minute story idea into a nearly twenty-minute academic exercise. It crosses the line from humorous scatology to unforgivable abhorrence, journeying to the point of no return". The episode was universally panned.


  • This episode was a discarded episode plot for the original show.
  • This episode was made because fans asking to John K to make an entire episode with many gross-out jokes according to Mr. Enter and John Kricfalusi Interview - WGN Chicago Radio (2003).




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This is my second episode of that show i completed of watched


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I Like Boogers - John Kricfalusi

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