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Only the Loan-ly (Kick Buttowski)

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Only the Loan-ly (Kick Buttowski)
Only the Loan-ly.PNG
Dead Man's Drop’s polar opposite.
Part of Season: 2b
Episode Number: 30a
Air Date: October 28, 2012
Writer: Derek Dressler
Director: Chris Savino
Clay Morrow
Previous episode: Petrified!
Next episode: Crumbs!

"Only the Loan-ly" is the first half of the thirtieth episode in the second season's second half of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Kick needs money to buy an awesome bike engine and convinces Brianna to let him borrow the money. When he can't pay it back in time, Brianna, with the help of her friends Madison and Abbie, becomes a loan shark and pushes her brother to make good on his promise.

Bad Qualities

  1. The plot somewhat feels like a rehash of the very first episode "Dead Man's Drop", as it has Kick proving that he can beat the Dead Man's Drop stunt except without needing money for a better bike engine and convincing Brianna to borrow the money.
    • Speaking of which, the engine Kick buys online only makes a few sounds, and nothing else - making it a cash grab.
  2. Plot Holes:
    • How did Gunther manage to write the entire Daredevil Code on his belly?
    • It was never shown how Brianna and her friends got the money for the backstage passes. We just see them at the ice skating spectacular with Kick dressing up as the skating pony.
  3. Brianna is unlikable here as although she gave Kick the money for the engine, she gets angry at Kick just because he couldn't pay it back in time for her to get backstage passes for the Teena Sometimes Ice Skating Spectacular. She then becomes more upset when Kick gave her Buttowski Bucks when she should have been thankful that he tried.
  4. Brianna's friends are also unlikeable as they side with Brianna and chase Kick just for the money to get backstage passes to the point where they grab on to Kick's engine.
  5. It's just another Kick torture episode because of Brianna and her friends pestering Kick to get their money back to get backstage passes for the ice skating spectacular. Speaking of which, Brianna and her friends show no remorse whatsoever for getting angry at Kick for no reason, nor do they apologize or get called out.
  6. Bad Ending: Although Brianna and her friends got to go to the ice skating spectacular, we never see how they got their money back as mentioned above, and Kick is dressed up as a skating pony, much to his reluctancy.

Good Qualities

  1. Kick and Gunther, as usual, are still likable characters.
  2. At least Kick gets the chance to stunt over Dead Man's Drop at the end, despite rehashing an earlier episode as mentioned above.