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Ollie's Pack

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Ollie's Pack
Monster Pack.jpg
He's not the keeper of the backpack.
Genre: Action
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: April 6, 2020 - May 6, 2021
Network(s): Nickelodeon (2020, United States)
Nicktoons (2021, United States)
YTV (Canada)
Created by: Pedro Eboli
Graham Peterson
Distributed by: Nelvana
Starring: James Hartnett
Ana Sani
David Berni
Cory Doran
Mark Little
Kayla Lorette
Leigh Cameron
Ned Petrie
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 27

Ollie's Pack is a Canadian animated action-comedy television series created by Pedro Eboli and Graham Peterson for Nickelodeon. It is produced by Nelvana and airs on YTV in Canada. The series premiered on April 6th, 2020 and ended in May 2021.


The show is about 13-year-old Ollie, together with his friends Cleo and Bernie and monster trainer Captain Wowski, they protect and control a backpack portal to the Monster Realm, an entire alien galaxy inside of it.

Bad Qualities

  1. Basic, unoriginal and poor writing, which overuses common clichés and tiresome tropes to the point where it becomes way too predictable and you already know what's going to happen next.
  2. Dozens of bland attempts at slapstick comedy where the outcome is simply poor, even for 2020s standards, given that half the jokes are either unfunny or get repetitive after awhile.
    • Moreover, it has some gross-out toilet humor, and for a show that barely handles good comedy it would be obvious to think that the gross-out was not well executed either.
  3. Generic plots, most notably the episodes that rely on the Monster of the Week trope.
  4. It can be seen as a Danny Phantom and Fantastic Beasts rip-off, as the premise of the show bears a lot of similarities to the previously mentioned, and all of them involve the same concept:
    • The main characters must protect a Bag of Holding that's secretly a portal to another dimension with creatures that must be returned to that universe.
  5. Ollie himself is a generic and flawed character and can be very unlikable in occasions. Plus, he isn't as good as a protagonist due to his haughty personality, which if it wasn't because of Cleo and Bernie's help and C.W.'s advice, he would have lost the Monster Pack in the very first episode.
    • More on this topic, the dynamics of Ollie, Cleo and Bernie are generic too, as they respectively play the role of hero, comic relief, and voice of reason.
  6. Speaking of which, this show is filled to the brim with clichéd, forgettable and boring characters. In this case, Magna (the sadist school principal) and Pyper (the bratty and spoiled girl) take the roles as worst offenders.
  7. It can turn from goofy and bubbly to despicable and mean-spirited out of nowhere.
  8. Average title cards that follow the pattern of characters standing and looking at each other.
  9. The Brazilian dub of the theme song is awful as the singer's voice is terrible and he sounds bored and quiet singing it with little emotion.

Good Qualities

  1. Catchy theme song, the soundtrack is good as well.
  2. The animation is fluid and solid for the standards of Canadian animation. It can shine in the action sequences, which are actually great and intense.
    • The character designs, along with the art-style that might remind to the one of Hilda or Kid Cosmic, are amazing and even cute to look at.
    • The background artwork is beautiful and well made, especially the rural environments which produce a nice atmosphere that's not easy to pull-off.
  3. Decent voice acting.
  4. Cleo, Bernie and C.W. are likable characters. In addition, the Bounty Hunter couple André and Bev are by far the best characters of the show and play decent villain roles.
    • The show has a few funny moments from time to time, preferably when the couple is on screen.
  5. Teaches good morals in pretty much every episode.
  6. It did get slightly better as it went on, mainly due to how it starts to use less cliches and tropes and Ollie himself has gotten better over time.
    • Also, the series pilot titled Monster Pack is quite better than the show.


Ollie's Pack has a 5.6/10 score at IMDb.


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