Oh Brother (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3)

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This article is about the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode. You may be looking for the Dexter's Laboratory episode of the same name..
Oh Brother (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3)
Oh Brother High Quality.jpg
Oh brother, this episode stinks!
Series: The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Episode Number: 11 (6a)
Air Date: October 13, 1990
Writer: Perry Martin
Director: John Grusd
Previous episode: "Tag Team Trouble"
Next episode: "Misadventure of Mighty Plumber"

"Oh Brother" is the 11th episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. It aired on October 13, 1990 in the United States.


After a fight, Mario and Luigi break up as brothers, King Koopa and Kooky von Koopa are making it rain endlessly to get coins from the sewers. After Koopa and Kooky kidnap and brainwash Mario to fix Kooky's machine, Luigi must go and rescue him.

Why, Oh Brother, It Sucks

  1. Mario and Luigi are both very unlikable and out of character in this episode as they break up as brothers.
  2. The reason they get into a fight is that Mario's music is too loud, instead of Luigi asking Mario to turn the racket down or Luigi asking Mario to play his record in another room, Luigi takes the record and throws it into the fire.
  3. Mario and Luigi even break up as brothers after one fight. So, Mario and Luigi can be at it with each other in the games (Mario stepping on Luigi's foot in Mario Power Tennis, the Mario Kart series and the Super Smash Bros games as an example of how Mario can be a bit competitive with Luigi, but the video game counterparts of Mario and Luigi would never do something like what their TV counterparts did).
  4. Two infamous lines from Mario and Luigi:
    • Mario's "I wish I didn't even have a brother!" line.
    • And not to mention Luigi told Mario "Then consider yourself debrotherized!" and even calls Mario "ex-brother".
  5. Luigi then pulls down Mario's hat and tugs his overall straps and mustache multiple times even though that Mario kept telling Luigi that he hates it when he does that.
  6. Princess Toadstool (Peach) and Toad barely do anything to stop Mario and Luigi from fighting, and they just try to reason with them.
  7. Neither Mario or Luigi get their comeuppance for the behavior towards each other, even after Mario tries to see how he is while in the situation.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mario and Luigi could've been relatable if the concept of them butting heads was better executed.
    • Though the episode "True Colors" had Mario and Luigi fight, Mario and Luigi did apologize to each other and didn't go as so far as to break up as brothers in that episode.
  2. King Koopa still had his charm in the episode and him using a water device to steal the coins from Pipe Land was an original idea.
  3. At least Luigi saved Mario from King Koopa instead of leaving him behind, despite what Mario said to him earlier. And Mario did try to help Luigi, despite the latter making Mario get on his nerves.
  4. The ending was decent as Mario and Luigi become brothers again and apologized to each other, despite the fact that Mario and Luigi fought over whose fault it was.
  5. Some good jokes, like Mario listening to the record and saying that it's "hot", and then Luigi throwing said record into a fire and saying "There, now it's even hotter!".


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