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Odie for Sale (The Garfield Show)

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Odie for Sale (The Garfield Show)
This episode should be for sale.
Series: The Garfield Show
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 12
Air Date: March 7, 2011
Previous episode: Cyber Mailman
Next episode: Farm Fresh Feline

Odie for Sale is an episode from The Garfield Show, it is the second segment of episode six, is the twelfth episode of that season, and is overall the sixty-fourth episode of the show.


When Jon's lawyer, Mr. Allwork, is not getting paid enough money, he threatens to sue Jon, so Jon sets up a Yard Sale, things only get worse when Garfield sells Odie to Mr. Allwork.

Why It Should've Been Sold

  1. This whole episode is unfairly mean-spirited to Jon.
  2. The episode is a complete insult to people who have and/or nearly got sued.
  3. Mr. Allwork is outright unlikable, all because he didn't get money and plans on suing Jon, and in general, everything about Mr. Allwork, from his voice, character, and his harsh attitude to Jon makes him very ungrateful.
    • On that topic, it is very illogical, Mr. Allwork is Jon's lawyer, so he can't sue his own boss.
  4. Garfield is in his absolute worst in this episode, instead of helping out Jon with the yard sale, he sells Odie to Mr. Allwork.
  5. Nermal's cameo comes off as pointless.
  6. When Jon finds out that Garfield was the one that put Odie in for sale, the only punishment that Garfield gets is not being able to eat anything until he gets Odie back, which is outright pathetic considered that Garfield you know, sold Odie, one of his friends, to a lawyer.
    • Granted, Jon has given Garfield more easy-going punishments previously, but considered that Garfield just gave a family member to a lawyer, he should have been given a much more deserving punishment.
  7. The scene where Garfield tries to get Odie back is nothing but pointless filler.
  8. Plot-Hole: Why couldn't Jon just call one of his friends (like his brother Doc Boy or his girlfriend Liz) to give him some money so that he can pay Mr. Allwork?
  9. Garfield never apologizes to Jon for outright selling Odie.
  10. Mr. Allwork never gets any comeuppance for his actions.
  11. Unresolved Ending: When Mr. Allwork's son realize that Odie wants to be with Jon, he gives Odie back to Jon, only for Mr. Allwork to appear and demands Odie back or else he will sue Jon, but after a little talk with his son, he says that Jon can keep Odie and he will spend time with his son, that's sound like a heartwarming ending. However, Mr. Allwork made a statement that he's still going to sue Jon viler, and Garfield still insists on selling Nermal to get money, this basically means that Mr. Allwork is going to comeback even worst and Jon is still going to get sue for not having enough money, making the ending feel more like a cliffhanger that never got resolved.
  12. The whole episode overall is just pointless, Jon never brings up anything of he nearly got sued in future episodes, and even though Mr. Allwork reappears in the two-part episode "Unfair Weather", he never mentions or makes a statement that he's going to sue Jon.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mr. Allwork's son is likable in this episode.
  2. There are a few funny moments.
  3. Because of that statement in #12 in the WIS segment, you can say that this episode is non-canon to the series.
  4. Depending on your view, this episode can be considered a good dose of Karma to John for what he did in 2 other episodes.



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