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Occupied (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

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Occupied/Nature's Call
All of this just because of needing the toilet?
Part of Season: 1 (Original)

6 (Remaster)

Episode Number: 32 (Original)

35 (Remaster)

Air Date: October 17, 1998 (Original)

June 15, 2018 (Remaster)

Writer: Nicolas Gallet
Director: Olivier Jean-Marie
Previous episode: Time Machine (Original)

Chocolate Wars (Remaster)

Next episode: House for Rent (Original)

Flying Lesson (Remaster)

Occupied is the 32th episode of Oggy and The Cockroaches. In season 6, this episode gets a remastered version, titled "Nature's Call", as the 35th episode of the season.


Oggy desperately needs to use the toilet but cockroaches have it occupied and do everything to keep him out of it.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's an Oggy torture episode.
  2. The Cockroaches are extremely unlikable & mean spirited as they don't let Oggy use bathroom when he really needs to.
  3. This episode's whole plot makes no sense at all. Instead of trying to get inside the bathroom in his house Oggy could have alternatively used the outhouse (it appears in some episodes) or simply relieve himself under the tree.
  4. Anytime Oggy tries to get inside the bathroom, he ends up getting hurt.
  5. Oggy ends up destroying his entire house... just because he wanted to break the bathroom door open in order to relieve himself.
  6. Bad ending: Even though Oggy eventually uses the bathroom, the cockroaches end up trapping him in there and casually walk away without getting any comeuppance.

Good Qualities

  1. The moment where Dee Dee plays a pirate in the bathroom is actually funny.
  2. Oggy eventually manages to use the bathroom.
  3. Decent soundtrack.


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