Objects At War

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Send this show to war.

Objects At War is an object show made by Dom "Mewtwospetwolf" Erickson. It only had 4 episodes before Dom deleted his channel.

Why It Sucks

  1. The animation looks bad.
  2. The characters don't get any amount of screen time and give Bone too much screen time.
  3. The plot is bad, in fact they kidnapped Bone so he could get more screen time.
  4. Challenges are lazy.
  5. The character bodies are half stolen or ripped of from Google Images.
  6. The production is rushed in every episode.
  7. The host is dumb and doesn't know what 2+2 equals.




5 months ago
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I'm sorry, this article is pretty funny

OfficialBubbleYT Zero

13 days ago
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i think it lazy just like the show most of it just this look crappy bone get to much screen time

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