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O Corpo Fala (Turma da Mônica)

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O Corpo Fala (Turma da Mônica)
Let's do this formula here: Nonsensical Torture Plot + Turma da Mônica = This episode.
Series: Turma da Mônica
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 8
Air Date: July 19, 2009
Previous episode: Brincando de Boneca (Playing House)
Next episode: A Nova Babá (The New Babysitter)

O Corpo Fala (English: The Body Talks) is the eighth episode of the sixth season of Turma da Mônica

Porque o Corpo Não Fala (Why The Body Doesn't Talk)

  1. The main problem about this episode is that the plot is nonsensically stupid. Now let's talk about the other points below.
  2. Now, imagine this, the plot is already stupid, and combine it with a torture plot for x Character (in this case, Mônica) and yep, you get this episode.
  3. Lazy writing: The episode itself is about Mônica having strange signs on her body, and Magali (Maggy) explaining what each one means, and each one is worse than the other.
  4. By the way the body signs Mônica is suffering, is just unrealistic and it looks like she is suffering from leukemia instead of having natural cases.
  5. Magali (Maggy) is out of character here, not only she was responsible for every bad thing that happened to Monica in this episode, but also she shows to be quite greedy, an perfect example is that she ate Cebolinha’s lollipop and she still remains hungry.
  6. Mônica is also not much better, since she threatened Cebolinha (Jimmy Five), even though he did nothing.
  7. Mediocre jokes, like the yellow duck with green polka dots singing the Rwanda's national anthem, which makes no sense at all.
  8. Plot hole: How the hell would the body's signals be responsible for rain, sun and cold?
  9. Bad and Nonsensical Ending: Monica gets tired of the body's signs, which leads Magali's belly to snore, who later only reveals that she was hungry, making Monica angry, which for some reason meant that a flock of ducks would fall into the sky, who start dancing around Mônica.
    1. Not only this ending was bad, but it also makes no sense, how would just making a facial expression result in a flock of ducks falling into the sky?.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Cebolinha and Mônica (even though she threatened Cebolinha for no reason) are the only likeable characters in this episode.
  2. Great animation, like many episodes of season 6.
  3. The Bubbly the Astronaut cameo was pretty great.