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NOTE: This is about the channel itself, not the show.

OGGY is an official Oggy and the Cockroaches YouTube channel that uploads full high quality episodes of the show, and they also make compilations, and even sometimes some other videos. It is Xilam's biggest channel with 3,418,017 subscribers.

Bad Qualities

  1. Massive clickbait. For example, a thumbnail indicates Dee Dee holding an Oscar award, while the video itself is just the Oscar award bouncing around the title card. This goes around on every video that indicates a character holding a thing.
    • The worst thing about it is that the item bouncing around has terrible animation, which overshadows the good animation of the entire show, which is sad because both the channel and the show were made by Xilam.
    • Another is when they uploaded a new Season 5 episode which indicated Jack holding a sword (because the episode was called "Marky's Tournament" and it was set in medieval times), but the actual scene had Jack holding a pencil instead.
    • And another is when they uploaded a video which indicated Oggy with a Fortnite icon, and the name of the video written that there will be the combination of Fortnite and Oggy And The Cockroaches, but in fact, there is no such things as "Fortnite" in that episode.
  2. Most of their videos that aren't full episodes or compilations end up being awfully cringy. They either try too hard to cash in trends (such as the Draw My Life trend or even go as far as to do this.)
    • Speaking of the Draw My Life, it contains massive pop culture references, such as the infamous "big guy with the black cape" ends up being Darth Vader saying "I am your father."
  3. The comment sections on every video indicates gibberish comments, broken english, emojis, and more.
  4. They have Instagram compilations as well, but they're nothing more but short clips of the episodes.
  5. They also tend to reupload episodes.
  6. Back when they started their channel, they uploaded their episodes in 480p, when everyone was uploading their videos in 720p or higher, similar to WatchMojo.
  7. Cringy thumbnails, even if they weren't clickbait.
  8. Whenever they reupload an old episode in 4:3, they usually make the episode in 16:9 (not stretched).
  9. The Twitter isn't any better, as it’s just Oggy posting updates around his life or something pandering to the show's Indian Fanbase.

Good Qualities

  1. For the most part, it is the official Oggy and the Cockroaches channel, as they upload full episodes without any watermarks and they are in full quality.
  2. They don't do anything inappropriate, thankfully.
  3. Xilam fans may enjoy the content.
  4. The channel isn’t that bad, it just has a lot of flaws to the point it was on this wiki.


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