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Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

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Nyan Neko Sugar Girls
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This show isn't very sugoi, nya desu.
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 2010
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: SoapOpera46
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 10 (including a Christmas special and an extra deleted episode)

Nyan Neko Sugar Girls is an anime-influenced web animation created by a user called SoapOpera46.


Nyan Neko Sugar Girls follows the misadventures of a teenage cat-girl (or neko, as they are called in Japanese culture) called Raku, her best friend Koneko (who's also a cat-girl), and her love interest, a blue-haired boy named Hitoshi.

Why This Show Isn't So Sugoi

  1. Like almost any other anime-influenced webtoons made by amateur artists, the art style is extremely crude. Many of the character's movements and body features often look very off-model, such as Hitoshi having an unusually pointy chin, Raku's breasts constantly growing and shrinking, and most of the characters' body parts being poorly drawn. All of the characters' faces and bodies are badly proportioned with the volume of different parts of the characters seeming to change from shot to shot. The bodies of the characters mostly consist of rectangles, with Raku's breasts often resembling large balloons. All of the drawing and coloring is done in MS Paint with very clear issues that happen with working with MS Paint, like some pixels not being properly colored because the color is only a few points away from being pure white, and a very difficult to work with color palette. There is no shading apart from a large dark shadow under the breasts of the girls, which does not seem to follow traditional lighting rules.
  2. The animation is also very crude, as very little to no effort was put into it. The frames are quite wonky, and the horrible art style can exaggerate things.
  3. Most of the episodes are only a few minutes long, leaving very little to no room for plot or character development.
  4. The voice acting is terrible. Even though the creator of this series claims that the characters are voiced by Japanese forum members, their voices don't sound Japanese at all. In fact, it sounds like they're trying to use weird, faux Japanese accents, but fail at them. The voice acting is also riddled with peaking, puffing, and popping, most likely due to the voice actors using low-quality microphones. Also, the voice actors give very little to no emotion as they record their lines as if they're just reading the script. Furthermore, the volume levels of each of the characters are extremely different, which can be very jarring during a dialogue between two characters. Not to mention their voices are more than a little unfitting. For example:
    • Raku's voice is very whiny and high-pitched, trying to invoke a cute and childish image for her, but failing. It doesn't help that when she screams or cries, it can be very grating, especially in the fourth episode where she gets bit by a squirrel.
    • Koneko's voice is extremely quiet, so it’s very difficult to understand what she is saying.
    • Hitoshi sounds like a woman trying to pull off the voice of a smug young man.
    • The guy who kidnaps Hitoshi in the second episode has a rather high-pitched and girly voice with a noticeable lisp.
    • The nurse who first appeared in episode 5 has such a loud and amplified voice that it seems like her voice actor was talking too close to the microphone.
  5. Even though the dialogue is mostly in English, it is constantly peppered with badly pronounced, misused, unnecessary, and grammatically wrong Japanese words and phrases, most notably "downright sugoi", "very arigatoful", and of course, the occasional "desu". Koneko also throws in some Spanish words into her dialogue as well for some reason, which makes it a lot more confusing than it already is.
  6. The music for the opening theme is ripped directly from a Dance Dance Revolution gameplay video, complete with applause and the announcer.
  7. The ending theme is very poorly-sung and composed.
  8. The characters refer to themselves with misused Japanese honorifics. (For example, in the first episode, Hitoshi introduces himself as "Hitoshi-san" and in turn, Raku introduces herself to him as "Raku-chan")
  9. The series has several instances of fanservice and slight nudity. It's not very hot, however, because the art style is extremely crude. A few examples include:
    • Raku and Koneko are given way too many panty shots (especially during the end credits)
    • Koneko's sister wears a bikini showing her nipples in the extra deleted episode
    • Hitoshi wears a pink mankini in the extra deleted episode.
    • Raku and Koneko go shopping for lingerie in the second episode.
    • In episode four, Hitoshi pictures his kidnapper with no shirt, leather pants, and a visible bulge.
    • In episode five, Hitoshi fantasizes about his kidnapper again, this time picturing him completely naked (with his crotch area censored)
    • One of Raku's panty shots in episode six comes off the heels of her suffering side effects from rabies.
    • Raku's bikini in episode eight. Enough said.
    • Hitoshi's swim trunks fall off in that same episode, giving the audience a good view of his rear end.
    • The nurse wears a very revealing outfit and has a lot of cleavage.
  10. Some things in the series make no sense at all. For example:
    • How did Raku get rabies from a squirrel bite if the squirrel wasn't rabid in the first place?
    • How was Raku possessed by a bakeneko, causing her to randomly turn into a winged cat?
    • How did Raku open the bag from the inside in episode eight?
    • What did the note say in episode ten?
    • Why does Hitoshi eat pocky and ramune for breakfast in episode two?
    • Why does Raku's cat form have wings?
    • When Raku turns back into a human from her winged cat form, how come she is fully clothed in episode eight but completely naked in episode nine?
    • Why did Raku and Koneko buy so much lingerie in episode two?
    • In the final episode, Raku doesn't die from rabies or being possessed by a demon, but having her heart broken when she found out that Hitoshi is gay and has feelings for his kidnapper. How on Earth is that even possible?
  11. In the fourth episode, Raku actually chokes a squirrel with her breasts, which might be considered animal abuse.
  12. In one episode, it is said that Raku is a cat-girl because her mother is a human and her father is a cat, which is considered both zoophilia and bestiality.
  13. The series uses generic Windows Movie Maker text, and not only that, but the text uses too many emoticons and leet lingo, such as "l8r" instead of "later" and "thx" instead of "thanks".
  14. In the second episode, a guy called Bokutachi kidnaps and supposedly rapes Hitoshi, but after the latter gets rescued, the following episodes reveal that he has developed romantic feelings for his kidnapper. Not to mention they hook up as a couple in the last episode. Falling in love with someone who kidnaps and rapes you is not okay or healthy in the slightest, because it's considered Stockholm Syndrome.
  15. Even though this series was created in 2010, it uses outdated cliches and character archetypes that parody those of the anime and manga of the early 2000s such as cat-girls, which stopped being the primary source of animal eared girls in mainstream otaku culture towards the end of that decade. The music choices are also pretty outdated (such as DanceDanceRevolution and *NSYNC).
  16. The series received a fan sequel called Nyan Neko Sugar Girls: Mayonaka, which isn't any better than the original series.
  17. The creator herself claims she is actually Japanese, but judging by all the bad qualities listed here, it's more than a little hard to believe.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The series was likely made to be bad on purpose, which means that it can be considered "so bad, it's good".
  2. The series doesn't seem to be serious, so it might have been made just to poke fun at Western weeaboo culture.
  3. The art style and animation improve slightly in the last episode, almost as if true effort was actually put into them, mostly during the part where Raku, Koneko, and Hitoshi go to the festival and Raku has a dramatic death in one of the final scenes.
  4. The series' logo is simple and cute.
  5. This show could be a good example of what not to do when making an anime-influenced cartoon.
  6. Some of the concept art shown on the creator's DeviantArt page is pretty decent.


  • The series spawned some funny memes because of its hilariously bad quality.