Nutri Ventures

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Nutri Ventures
Nutri Ventures.jpg
Mix some Pokémon, EarthBound, Get Blake!, Grossology and Wild Kratts in a blender and you get this.
Genre: Adventure
Science Fiction
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: Portugal
Release Date: September 26, 2012 – April 18, 2014
Network(s): RTP2, Canal Panda, RTP1 (Portugal)
Kabillion, Qubo (US)
eToonz (South Africa)
Created by: Watermelon (
Distributed by: Nutri Ventures Corporation
Starring: Cam Clarke
Charlie Schlatter
Jason Marsden
Mona Marshall
Sarah Silverman
Jessica DiCicco
Rob Paulsen
Busy Philipps
Olivia Olson
Jill Talley
Susanne Blakeslee
Paget Brewster
Tress MacNeille
Sarah Chalke
Tara Strong
Rachael Macfarlane
Tom Kenny
Sandra Bernhard
Mayim Bialik
Mindy Sterling
Seasons: 12 (5 aired)
Episodes: 102 (52 aired)

Nutri Ventures (also known as Nutri Ventures – The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms) is an animated television series produced by the Nutri Ventures Corporation and Dentsu Aegis Network, Entertainment One Television in United States that is distributed through Hulu Kids.


In a world where food gives superpowers to the people they eat, the leader of a world-famous food company dies and has his place taken over by his greedy son Alex Grand who with the help of an army of monsters takes over the factory destroying all the food in the world and replacing them with a substance called Genex 100. But a group of scientists part of the remaining food taking refuge in 7 magical kingdoms.

Many years later a boy named Téo, who is the grandson of one of the scientists working for Alex Grand discovers that he is the chosen one to defeat Alex Grand and to rescue the food around the world crossing the 7 kingdoms. So Téo with his friends Lena, Ben and Nina go on a journey in search of food.

Why It Dosen't Deserve To Have A Trip To 7 Kingdoms

  1. The show has gigantic amounts of plot-holes:
    • How did everyone in the world forget about the existence of magical foods after 30 years?
    • How Alex Grand has not yet found the 7 kingdoms and destroyed them until Téo began his journey?
    • How would Alex have been able to destroy all the food in the world? How is no one in Grandland and the rest of the world aware of the existence of the 7 kingdoms?
    • How and why would the kingdoms of salt, oil and lard exist? Téo and his friends spend a lot of time (days) venturing through the kingdoms?
    • How does no one from their school notice their absences for such a long time?
  2. It's very unoriginal, the cartoon follows a cliché in the story very similar to Pokémon: a group of children that are destined to save their world by traveling through cities collecting food/creatures inside an electronic device, while facing an evil organization with incompetent villains. The Gugas also somewhat resemble Pokémon species.
    • It also copies EarthBound, as both are about a group of children who are destined to save the world by defeating a dark and evil fat villain who owns an evil organization, and while they do this, they have to collect food/parts of a song.
  3. Some characters like Nina and the Brown Master's grandson are only 4 or 5 years old, but are ridiculously super developed for their ages to the point of fighting with the other characters.
  4. The characters are stereotyped. The same can be said about the setting of kingdoms.
    • Ben is a complete over-weight Gary-Stu who only cares about eating constantly every food. Ironically one of the aims of the show is to fight against childhood obesity.
  5. The character designs of the G-Squads are lazy. They are just generic green ogres with muscles. They are also annoying because they are purposely stupid minions without charisma.
  6. The cartoon has the educational purpose of teaching children how to eat healthy, however countering this ironically explores aggressive and dark themes for a pre-school audience.
    • Alex Grand also proves to be a dark and cruel villain sometimes, remembering that the show is focused on little children.
  7. Sexual innuendo when Téo's teacher meets Alex Grand.
  8. Unnecessary violence, like when Téo, Lena, Ben and the inhabitants of the Yellow Kingdom have their bones broken by Tai-Pa and his warriors through iron bats. You know, for kids!
  9. Candies are represented by an evil kingdom hidden in a dirty dimension filled with people living to eat and fattening by mental control.
  10. Mediocre flash animation that's very cheap, choppy and bland.
  11. Unnecessary toilet humor, mainly through White Guga and Ben during the Brown Kingdom.
  12. Backstory of the protagonists is totally unknown, as for example: where are Téo and Nina's parents?
  13. Some kingdoms are racially divided: the Yellow Kingdom is made up only of Asian people which by the way are a feudal people, while the White Kingdom is inhabited by rich and evolved Caucasian people in technology. Including the Yellow Kingdom becomes dependent on the White Kingdom to survive. The Brown Kingdom consists only of dark-skinned or indigenous people who hate each other.
  14. The voices of some characters like Nina and Nose are annoying.
  15. While the art-style is the same type of art-style used in Get Blake!, Grossology and Wild Kratts, it doesn't look as good as those shows due to the poor and stiff animation.
  16. "The Path of the Lonely Star" is a terrible way to end the series in airing order, it ended on a big cliffhanger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The show has a great soundtrack with songs, especially the opening song.
  2. Some characters are likeable like Theo, Lena, Sid and Genevieve.
  3. The character designs are decent, despite the G-Squads' design are lazy.
  4. The voice acting is pretty good.


Nutri Ventures currently holds an 8.1/10 on IMDb.


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