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Norman's Halloween Heist (Fireman Sam)

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Norman's Halloween Heist (Fireman Sam)
Screenshot 20210924-183739.jpg
We all know that Norman is the heist considering his reckless flanderization.
Series: Fireman Sam
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: 25
Air Date: November 3, 2012
Writer: Simon Nicholson
Previous episode: Floodlights
Next episode: Wheel of Fire

"Norman's Halloween Heist" is the twenty-fifth episode in the eighth season of Fireman Sam.


Norman causes havoc on Halloween, when he tries to collect all the candy in Pontypandy. His greed gets the best of him when he tries to beat the other children to Dilys' shop and drives his go-cart into the sea again.

Why It Doesn't Deserve Any Halloween Candy

  1. The plot is very unoriginal and has been done many times here, as it has Norman trying to collect every piece of candy in Pontypandy with Derek being his sidekick and he uses his go-kart.
  2. As always, Norman is downright mean and intolerable here. He disobeys his mother's warning and rings the doorbells in Pontypandy multiple times to get every single piece of candy to the point where the others couldn't get any and had to go to Dilys' shop. Speaking of which, he tried preventing them from going to Dilys' first by riding his go-kart and constantly forced Derek to push him without any breaks/turns.
    • Why do you keep on involving Derek through your mishaps he doesn't have any reason to be in?
  3. Elvis is still his dumb self as he couldn't do apple bobbing right until the last minute, making the scenes with Sam and the team practicing serve as uncanny and pointless filler that goes nowhere.
  4. "Norman-bombing" is a pretty cringeworthy and corny pun to the words "photobombing" and "videobombing".
  5. The rescue scene opening is still pretty bad and has that annoying siren noise playing.
  6. Aside from getting warned by Dilys at the start and the troublemaker himself apologising to the others for taking away their well-deserved sweets, Norman doesn't really get told off or punished in the slightest here.
  7. The ending is not very good; while Norman does get his comeuppance by making him lose his bag of sweets and Lily giving him a flavor of a sweet he didn't like, he still got scot-free even after what he did.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Everyone else (except for Norman & Elvis) is still tolerable as usual.
  2. As mentioned above, at least Norman apologized to the other kids for losing their well-deserved Halloween sweets (despite still caring about the sweets and not getting punished).
    • Although the ending was lousy and let him off scot-free, he got his comeuppance when not only he lost his bag of sweets he shouldn't have gotten, but also when Lily gave him a flavour of a sweet he didn't like.


  • It holds a mixed rating of 4.8/10 on IMDB.


Just like Froggy Fantasy this episode was written by Simon Nicholson who also wrote Fearless Freddie from Thomas & Friends.

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