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Nooby Friday (Supernoobs)

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Nooby Friday (Supernoobs)
Turns out this episode swapped out all the fun and replaced it with complete boredom
Part of Season: 1
Air Date: August 4, 2016 (Phillipines)
Previous episode: A Noob World Order
Next episode: Noob-I-Nators 2: Save The Earth


The Noobs get into an accident where their battle balls get misplaced amongst each other. Mem and Zen attend a party at the Roachmomt’s house

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode is very boring as it focuses on a dull main plot and an even duller subplot.
  2. Misleading Title: The episode title, being a parody of Freaky Friday, hints that the episode is a body swapping episode where the main characters accidentally switch bodies with each other but instead it just consists of the Noobs switching battle balls with each other.
  3. The main plot is very predictable as it the ending shows the Noobs getting their appropriate battle balls and powers back.
  4. The episode tries to juggle a plot and a subplot together in the span of 11 minutes, which is the normal length for this show. This kind of format works best for typical shows that last around 22 to 30 minutes per episode but just does not work for a show like Super Noobs. Because of this, it causes both of the plots in this episode to feel significantly rushed.
  5. The subplot is very boring in regards to the facts that it does not go anywhere and it only exists as filler. It just consists of Mem and Zen attending a party at the Roachmonts house and it goes absolutely nowhere.
    • To add insult to injury, Mem and Zen are forcibly shoehorned into the boring party subplot. This kind of character treatment towards Mem and Zen has been a common criticism viewers were making towards the show.
  6. Mem and Zen while tolerable characters just don’t do much for the episode. They do try to leave the party but decide to stay instead of going to Noobs because they are worried that if they do leave, they would come across as rude to Roach’s parents despite the fact that their reason to leave is an emergency.
  7. A bad moral is taught in this episode: If you are invited to a formal event or party, you should never leave it in case of an emergency because it would be rude.
  8. The episode is also disgusting as it consists of the Noobs going through a sewer and a mutant cockroach farting on one of the Noobs.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The Noobs do surprisingly show self sufficiency as they are able to

Solve a problem without Mem and Zen’s help.






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