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No Weddings And A Funeral (American Dad!)

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No Weddings And A Funeral (American Dad!)
Yet another cartoon episode that teaches viewers that standing up for themselves is wrong. When will this stop?
Series: American Dad!
Part of Season: 14
Episode Number: 18
Air Date: August 12, 2019
Writer: Tim Saccardo
Director: Joe Daniello
Previous episode: Enter Stanman
Next episode: Eight Fires

No Weddings And A Funeral is a 18th episode of the 14th season of American Dad!.


Klaus wants to moves out after he has it with the Smith family's frequent abuse of him.

Why It Should be Thrown in the Garbage Disposal

  1. The biggest problem with this episode is that it only seems to exist so that the writers can mock and deflect criticism towards American Dad! and Family Guy for constantly resorting to mean-spirited tones and plots often. In this case, this episode resorts to mocking fans who criticize the show for constantly abusing and tormenting Klaus.
  2. The entire Smith Family are at one of their absolute worst in this episode (with Stan being almost as bad as he was in "American Fung") because they frequently bully and insult Klaus throughout the episode. Stan and Francine in particular try to kill Klaus by throwing him in a sink garbage disposal for no reason and they celebrate it by going out to get ice cream.
  3. Hayley is a hypocrite and completely out of character in this episode as she is shown to be a huge animal lover yet she participates in abusing a goldfish and celebrates it.
  4. During the episode, it is revealed that Francine, after she and Stan divorced, had married Toshi (one of Steve's friends), which counts as pedophilia.
  5. The Smiths disrespect Klaus's "funeral", despite Klaus's mind being on a Woman who is in the funeral. We know that Klaus didn't die in reality, but disrespecting a funeral is very heartless.
  6. There is an extremely gross joke about a pleasure bot and how the Smiths have to use Klaus body to give the pleasure bot a handjob to get it out of attack mode.
  7. As the episode has the Smith family torment and insult Klaus, it tries to get viewers to root for the Smiths by depicting Klaus as the villain because he wants revenge against the family for their abuse of him.
  8. This episode is completely derivative of the Family Guy episode “Seahorse Seashell Party” as that episode also has an abused family member stand up to the rest of the family for being abused only to learn that the abuse is the only thing preventing the family from falling apart or due to the abuse allowing the rest of the family to bond. In this case, Klaus turns out to be the lightning rod who absorbs the dysfunction of the Smith family. Given that several staff members who produce Family Guy also work on American Dad!, it shows that these members didn’t listen to the criticism from the aforementioned Family Guy episode.
  9. The episode teaches two bad morals: abused people in a relationship should stay in such relationships for the abusers benefit and standing up for yourself is wrong. This is shown when Klaus stands up for himself for the abuse he received only to be depicted as the one in the wrong for it.
  10. Animal abuse is also seemingly promoted and encouraged in this episode as Klaus is a goldfish yet he was shown being abused in the episode. Even though his brain is that of a German human athlete, what he goes through still counts as animal cruelty as putting a live goldfish in a sink garbage disposal is abusive.
  11. The time skip of 15 years in this episode shows that the writers are basically disregarding continuity in the show since they have done time skips like this many times before. Furthermore the time skip only seems to exist to make Klaus look selfish for standing up to the Smiths and leaving their house as it was later revealed that with Klaus gone, Stan and Francine divorced and only got back together through tormenting Klaus once more.
  12. Hypocrisy: This episode contradicts the moral of the episode “Bully For Steve”, which teaches that people should stand up to anyone who is bullying them as that episode depicted Steve as in the right for standing up to Stan, who was bullying him in the episode. However Klaus exudes yo stand up to not only Stan but the rest of the family and is depicted as in the wrong for it. Why is it okay for Steve to stand up to Stan but not okay for Klaus to do the same?

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Klaus is surprisingly likable in the episode, given that he finally gets fed up with the abuse he has received.


Even though this episode got a 7.4 on IMDb,[1] several viewers criticized the episode for being unoriginal and for copying “Seahorse Seashell Party” from Family Guy.[citation needed]


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