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No Such Luck (The Loud House)

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No Such Luck (The Loud House)
No Such Luck.png
An episode that not only had no such luck in getting good ratings but also damaged the reputation of the family, mainly Lynn Loud Jr.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 8a
Air Date: March 13, 2017
Writer: Karla Sakas Shropshire
Director: Chris Savino
Previous episode: The Whole Picture
Next episode: Frog Wild

"No Such Luck" is the fourteenth episode of the second season and the sixty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln finds himself with unexpected free time after his family worries that he is bad luck, but it soon goes too far, and he gets banned from all family activities.

‎Why It's Luck Ran Out

Lincoln putting his face down and says he brought this on himself, while his family is planning on going on a vacation without him.
  1. Misleading title card: You would think it would be themed around St. Patrick's Day, but it isn't. Instead, it's a very harsh Lincoln torture episode.
  2. Everyone in the Loud family (except for Lincoln) is unlikable in this episode for different reasons:
    • Lynn Loud is a jerk to Lincoln just because she believes he caused her to lose it and tried to convince everyone he was bad luck.
    • Speaking of which, Lynn forced Lincoln to come to her game without showing remorse. The episode even implies that Lynn planned to assault Lincoln with a baseball bat if he refused to go to her game as she was shown letting the bat tap her hand while she was holding it in a threatening way while she gives off a sadistic and threatening smile towards Lincoln.
    • Everyone else in the Loud family is stupidly unlikable and mean-spirited for kicking Lincoln, an eleven-year-old minor, out of the house and treating him like he isn't even part of the family. In real life, kicking a minor out of the house is illegal. And while Lincoln may have lied to his family and broke Lori's golf clubs, that's not an excuse for the way his family treated him.
    • Even some of the nicer and kinder Loud sisters (Leni, Lily, Lucy, Lana, and Luna) felt stupid enough to exclude Lincoln because they think he's "bad luck".
    • Even worse no one in the Loud family gets their comeuppance for what they did to Lincoln neither didn't feel any remorse for their cruel actions, not even Lynn Jr.
  3. This episode also started Lynn Jr.'s flanderization as she started caring more about winning than she did about her brother. In all interpretations, she stopped being a caring and protective big sister to a spoiled, egotistical, sore losing bully. In fact, She kick-started this awful plot by blaming Lincoln (her own brother) for all of her losses.
  4. It portrays the message of not lying unrealistically, it more comes across as the entire family being dumb.
  5. Hypocrisy: It completely contradicts the events of "Ties That Bind", since in the aforementioned episode Rita specifically said that they would never kick out any of their kids, even though they kicked Lincoln out of the house in this episode. Not helping is that both episodes were written by the same person!
  6. Even Lisa, of all sisters, believes it, despite being a child prodigy that is more intelligent than most kids her age.
  7. Plot Hole: Lincoln doesn't think to call the police on his family (though from a different perspective, the Loud family would have thought Lincoln would bring "bad luck" to the phones). He also doesn't think to run to any of his friends' homes either.
    • On a side note, couldn't Lincoln just stand up to his family, confront them that the bad luck thing is going too far, or at least tell someone else about this?
  8. Lynn Sr.'s infamous "Step further away from the house" line.
  9. The episode tries too hard to make Lincoln seem like the person in the wrong just for wanting some time to himself but while he did bring this unto himself by lying about being bad luck, he wouldn't have done that if Lynn didn't accuse him of being bad luck. The episode also tries to make Lincoln look selfish for wanting some time to spend on himself, which isn’t selfish at all given that Lincoln had attended countless things with his entire family before this episode and just wanted some room to breathe and relax.
  10. While Lincoln confesses to his family that he is not bad luck and apologizes to them, the entire family refuses to believe Lincoln even though Lincoln’s parents like other parents expect their kids to always tell the truth. This refusal to believe the truth from the Loud family only exists to prolong the episode’s conflict when it could have made a somewhat decent ending.
  11. The Infamous Ending: Lincoln was forced to wear a squirrel suit on the beach while the rest of his family was having fun, which is an atrocious ending, because Lincoln could have potentially suffered a heat stroke.
    • Although the entire Loud family apologizes to Lincoln for how they treated him, they still make him wear the squirrel costume all the time whenever they go, making their apology come off as insincere.
  12. Chris Savino’s statement on Facebook that Lincoln deserved to be treated the way he was in the episode gives off the strong implication that Savino knew that the episode was going to be very mean-spirited and that a lot of people were not going to like it and get very angry over it. The episode basically exists as a statement from Chris Savino that he was not going to listen to criticism of any kind directed towards the show.
  13. This episode teaches some very bad morals: Having time to yourself is wrong, seeking independence for yourself is wrong because it is selfish, and you should always attend every single family activity even if such activities are detrimental to you.
    • There are also bad morals taught to viewing parents and adults: If you think any of your children are giving you bad luck, then you should severely punish them because they deserve it. Yes, this episode is encouraging parents to abuse and neglect their children on the basis that these children bring bad luck into the house, which is plain ludicrous.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It could give people a second thought about even living off a lie, making it an important moral, especially if you have bad times.
  2. Clyde was the only main character of the show to not appear in this episode because he would never treat Lincoln, his own best friend like this.
  3. Lincoln, Bobby, and Margo are all likable characters.
    • As mentioned above, Lincoln is the only likable loud in this episode due to his family treating him awful.
    • Despite not appearing much, Bobby and Margo are also likable since they didn't do anything bad to Lincoln.
  4. Lily says Lincoln's name for the first time, which is rather cute and heartwarming. But this is very minor.
  5. There are some funny moments and jokes in this episode. For example, the Peanuts reference was an okay joke. Also, the montage of Lincoln convincing his sisters that he's bad luck can be amusing, despite it setting up the episode to go downhill.
  6. Despite the infamous ending, At least the Loud family did apologize to Lincoln for their cruel actions toward him.
  7. The scene where Lincoln slides onto the screen in his underwear while sporting shades is a cool reference to Risky Business.
  8. It's a bit better than Brawl in the Family, because at least Lincoln did something to get all this here.


"No Such Luck" was panned heavily by critics and especially fans and caused them to take their hatred out on Lynn Loud. Some fans decided to stop watching the series after this one episode. The episode alone ruined Lynn's reputation just like "The Principal and the Pauper" did with Seymour Skinner. However, many people thought that Lynn was treated harshly, and it was the whole family's fault.

When fans inevitably complained about Lincoln's treatment in the episode, Chris Savino replied to them on his Facebook and said that Lincoln deserved to be punished the way he was, thus making a lot of them more furious.

Due to all the hatred this episode received, the admins and moderators of the Loud House Wiki disabled the comment sections on the entire wiki for a few months before bringing them back with new rules.


It was put on #1 at Jem Review's list.


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