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No Service (Mickey Mouse, 2013)

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No Service (Mickey Mouse, 2013)
No shirt, no shoes, no... listening to what Goofy says, just ignore it.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: June 28, 2013
Writer: Paul Rudish
Director: Paul Rudish
Next episode: Yodelberg

No Service is the first episode of the The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck go on a picnic with Minnie and Daisy at the beach and decide to buy snacks for the girls at the beachside snack shack. However, Goofy denies their order because of the "no shirt and/or no shoes = no service" policy (hence, Mickey doesn't wear a shirt and Donald doesn't wear shoes). Mickey and Donald decide to make one outfit to buy the snacks. Because of this, Mickey is left naked, causing Donald to laugh at him. However, because of Donald's attempt to buy snacks with Mickey's account, Goofy kicks him out, leaving the duck naked in public. Mickey takes his clothes and walks away with the girls, leaving a humiliated Donald to be chased by a laughing mob while Goofy, watching this, laments how "some people ain't got no class".

Bad Qualities

  1. It has rather adult-oriented and crude humor for a Mickey Mouse cartoon, like the "hot buns" joke and Mickey being naked in public throughout most of the episode thanks to Donald. You know, for kids!
    • On top of that, most of the non-crude jokes fall flat in this episode.
  2. Goofy (until the end) and Donald are flanderized into being mean-spirited and unlikeable in this episode, which causes them to lose their popularity towards Disney fans alike.
  3. Speaking of Goofy, he says that he is "running a classy establishment", but he uses his spatula to swat a bug before flipping a burger and scratching a belly button after watching Donald crying while people are humiliating him, thus ruining his establishment.
  4. Daisy, while likable, complains to Donald that he is naked in public because Goofy kicked him out in the Snack Shack for using Mickey's ID, even though she is not wearing any pants, which makes her a hypocrite.
  5. Some moments make no sense; for example, Mickey didn't have to give his shorts to Donald, because the sign said "no shirt, no shoes" and nothing about pants.
  6. Plot Holes:
    • It was never explained how Goofy got a job at the Snack Shack - we just saw him work there in this episode with no explanation. He also doesn't work in any episode after this one.
    • Also, after he swats the bug using the spatula, he uses it to flip the burger, which could potentially get sick or die when a person eats it, even near the ending where Mickey asks the girls to go to the picnic with foods that are covered with disgusting slime from the bug.
  7. Because of the reasons above, the episode wasn't a good way to start a reboot series of a classic cartoon franchise.

Good Qualities

  1. It still has some funny gags that are worth a laugh, such as Goofy's ironic idea of a "classy establishment" (in which despite his desire of running a "classy establishment", he still acts sloppily by using a spatula to swat a roach and then using the same spatula to cook the food (despite the plot hole regarding the sickness), as well as picking his belly button at the end) and Mickey mocking Donald with his duck disguise from outside the snack shack.
  2. At least Donald received his comeuppance for all the mean actions he did towards Mickey at the end of this episode by also being naked in public like Mickey.
    • The part where Goofy shows some smarts by noticing that Donald stole Mickey's ID and kicking him out because of it was a funny and good moment.
  3. Minnie's first appearance along with her song is beautiful to listen to.
  4. Mickey, Minnie and Daisy are likable characters.
  5. The idea of a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" snack shack at the beach is very relatable to audiences since there are beach eateries that had a similar "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy in real life, but is executed poorly.

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