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No Parking (Mr. Bean: The Animated Series)

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No Parking (Mr. Bean: The Animated Series)
Mr bean no parking.jpg
Another torture episode for Mr. Bean? Here we go again...
Series: Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: January 5, 2002
Writer: Jon Canter
Previous episode: The Fly
Next episode: Bean's Bounty

No Parking is the fifth episode of the 1st season of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, and is the fifth episode overall.


Mr Bean is going to the cinemas to watch his favorite movie, The Titanic, with Teddy. However, he struggles to find a parking space.

Why It Couldn't Get A Parking Space

  1. This episode was another torture episode for Mr. Bean, as he didn't get the right place to park his car in time to see the entire movie.
  2. The posters of the movies look very trashy and cheap, as they copy other famous movies.
  3. The Traffic Warden is a very unlikeable character in this episode, as she tries to get Mr. Bean's money to get his parking stage before he can see the movie.
    1. There's also an infamous scene were after one of Mr. Bean's attempts to get the money flopped, the Traffic Warden was SMIRKING at him, which (much like Bendy's grin and D.W's smile), is extremely punch-able.
  4. The hardware store owner is also unlikable, as he gives Mr. Bean nothing but pennies for change just so he can lose his parking space (as the parking meter does not take pennies), all for getting him into a traffic jam and for making him wait behind the red light longer.
  5. Bad Moral: The bad moral in this episode is that giving money to cops if you want a good space is wrong, which is a terrible moral.
  6. Some cars in this episode look like they're big disgraces to others.
  7. The second time the black woman in the movie theater shushes Mr. Bean near the end of the episode sounds like she's saying the S-word, which is inappropriate for a kids show.
    • However, this can be excused, as the series was originally meant to be for adult audiences in its first two seasons before being seen as a kids show starting from its third season.
  8. Awful Ending: When Mr. Bean finally gets to see the movie, he realizes that it was over and then gets furious that he didn't get to see the entire movie.
  9. The Traffic Warden never gets punish for her actions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The beginning of the episode is good.
  2. Some people in the episode are likable at Mr. Bean's actions.
    • Likewise, the hardware store owner's actions, despite being mean-spirited, are justified, as the way Mr. Bean treated him was also mean-spirited.


  • This episode was popular having an internet meme back in 2014.
  • The episode didn't receive any review on IMDb.


  • The full episode was available on Amazon Prime Video.

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