No Bobby Left Behind (King of the Hill)

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No Bobby Left Behind (King of the Hill)
Considering failing students as people with special needs? Dirty pool mister, dirty pool.
Series: King of the Hill
Part of Season: 13
Air Date: November 9, 2008
Writer: Chip Hall
Tim Croston
Director: Klay Hall
Previous episode: Lost in MySpace
Next episode: A Bill Full of Dollars

No Bobby Left Behind is the fifth episode of the thirteenth and final season of King of the Hill. It was aired on November 9, 2008.


Tom Landry Middle School labels Bobby as "special needs" in order to exempt him from the yearly No Child Left Behind standardized test that judges a school's performance, which he accepts because it also means he does not have to do homework anymore.

Bad Qualities

  1. This episode represents one of the filthiest things that Principal Moss has ever done.
  2. The faculty themselves initially seem to thrive in the idea of dumbing down the failing students instead of helping them actually succeed.
  3. Moss states that special needs students don't take standardized tests or get any homework.
    • In reality, that's not the case. Special needs students still take those tests, and hypothetically, likely more frequently!
      • They may not get as much homework, but that doesn't mean they don't get any.
  4. The "special needs" area can be considered extremely offensive to those who truly have special needs in real life - whether they're a child or an adult.
  5. One teacher mentions planting drugs in a failing student's locker and getting them expelled.

Good Qualities

  1. The episode showcases the reality and damages of No Child Left Behind.
    • That act made it to where if schools didn't have good standardized test scores, they'd be closed down and the faculty would be fired. Hypothetically, it would make it to where students could intentionally fail the tests and sabotage the schools out of revenge.
  2. Hank Hill is rightfully furious over what Principal Moss and the school are doing to Bobby.
  3. The picture of Dale on the log flume is hilarious.
  4. Great Ending: Bobby passes the standardized test, while Principal Moss is suspended for his crime.
  5. The scenes of the teachers helping the students get prepared for the test.



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