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Nixel, Nixel, Go Away (Mixels)

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Nixel, Nixel, Go Away (Mixels)
You really have to go away with these Mixels in the finale
Series: Mixels
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 25
Air Date: October 1, 2016
Previous episode: Every Knight Has Its Day
Next episode: N/A

Nixel, Nixel, Go Away is the ninth episode (fourth if considering the six-part Moon Madness as one episode) of the second season of the Cartoon Network and LEGO's animated Series, Mixels, and is overall the thirty-first/final episode (twenty-fifth/final episode if considered the six-part Moon Madness as one episode) of the show. It serves as the series finale of Mixels, and was first aired on October 1, 2016.


Introducing the city how wonderful Mixopolis is, each Mixel will mixed and do anything they want. But when King Nixel has returned once again to Nix all the Mixels in Mixopolis and make them under his control. It is up to one small kid Mixel named Booger gets help from his friends to defeat King Nixel and save Planet Mixel, before it's too late.

Why It Needs To Go Away With The Nixels

  1. Much like how Every Knight Has Its Day barely received advertising, this episode received no advertising at all, except for these advertisements in the UK. And keep in mind, this is supposed to be the series finale of Mixels!
  2. Misleading Intro: You may think that the Mixels shown in the intro would be the main characters. But the real main Characters go to some background Mixels from the previous episode, those being Booger, Zabo, Blip and Scrud (as shown in the title images). Also, the Nindjas and the Newzers are the Only Mixels that have LEGO sets to have major roles, the rest of the Mixels either have only one speaking role, appearing for just a cameo, and even not appearing at all.
  3. Some of the characters got a bit flanderized, Such as Mysto who is supposed to be the quiet one (AKA: The one that doesn't say much), Yet he has the most lines out of the three Nindjas. And Zabo was one of the bullies in the last episode, But here he is one of Booger's friends.
    1. Booger has changed from a BG Mixel who would become Camillot's best friend, to a generic and one-dimensional fearless leader who idols the Nindjas. He also doesn't even MIX with any Mixel. And the episode would promote him as the "Power of One Mixel" cliché in a show about Working Together.
    2. Booger’s friends are no better and they don't even HAVE personalities (except maybe Zabo), They just tag along with Booger and they don't do very much.
      • Also, their names are very weird and don't really mean anything. That is something unlike the other Mixels that have names that indicate which tribe their in, their powers, their personalities etc.
    3. The MCFD have been flandized into very mean-spirited and rude Mixels who are adamant about not mixing with each other They also huge karma houdinis as they didn't get ANY comeuppance or scolding from the Fire Chief from not saving the Mixie Cat.
  4. There appears to be a hidden jab at Apple fans (AKA: Isheep). The whole concept of the Mixels becoming zombies and worshipping the Nixels when they trade for the I-Cubits feels like an offensive "Take That!", especially with the "I'VE BEEN IN THE LINE FOR 7 DAYS" quote uttered by Frazzlo.
  5. Aquad, Skulzy and Compax have horrible and under-detailed cartoon forms.
  6. Plot Holes:
    • If all Maxes can fly, then why couldn't the Nindjas or Newzers just Max and fly up to the I-Cubit tower?
    • How are the 4 main kids, The Nindjas, the Newzers and the Fire Cheif not affected by the negative vibes that the Nixels sent?
    • How did Scrud get to the Mixopolis Stadium despite sticking with Booger in the I-Cubit Tower?
    • It's never explained how Booger got his powers to un-nix the Mixels.
      • On that note, if Booger got the ability to un-nix the Mixels, then here's there big question, why didn't Booger just do that previously in the first place?
    • How did Booger grow in size and then he shrunk down like nothing happened?
    • If the Nindjas are undercover heroes, then who makes the comics? If the Nindjas aren't undercover, then how come nobody seems to know that they exist?
  7. Majority of BG Mixels are recouloured and renamed, which counts as lazy:
    • Scrud is just Astroy.
    • Loliclawp is just Shivor.
    • Vespy is just Nummie.
    • Blawger is just Blip.
    • Greggplant is just Rocky.
    • Rubbersh is just Squiddo.
    • Slime-Time is just Freezi Breezi.
    • Munchstache is just Tyecoon.
    • Zinck is just Lixeon.
    • Phezz is just Wott.
    • Gloote is just Fridjerk.
    • Barck is just Gummo.
    • Wintrifred is just the Teacher.
    • T-Flex is just Zabo.
    • Charlie is just Joenalist, and Joenalist is Koggpact, and Koggpact is Banjoe.
  8. The animation suffered a downward spiral, and it looks awful. There's loads of animation errors that include but not limited to:
    • Hydro's below jaw glitching whenever he talks.
    • Camstas mouth not moving when he says "I'll get us in!".
    • Surgeo and Tuth having two normal arms.
    • Sharx missing his Eyepatch.
    • Spinza incorrectly smiling when he questions why the MCFD won't just put the fire out.
    • Size inconsistencies such as Splasho being too small or Gobbol being too big.
    • Footi (one of the Tallest Mixels) being the same size as Pyrope, an average sized Mixel.
  9. Most of the dialogue is all over the place, with characters like Booger and Major Nixel.
  10. Incredible cheesy said by some of the characters.
  11. There's barely any Mixing in the special, which does not make sense for a show called "MIX-els". The Nindjas max is the only max shown in this special, and not the other maxes from Series 8-9 (there is technically two since Thornee, Voltz and Hurtz do "Maxed" near the ending, but that couldn't really count as a max).
  12. The first part of the final battle is a blatant rip-off on the "Goofy Goober" sequence from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, involving a musical number to defeat the antagonist's minions, even the way Booger fires the rainbow energy lasers from his hands at the brain washed Mixels to turn them back to normal is a rip-off of said "Goofy Goober" sequence from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  13. Missed Opportunity: After the first part of the final battle were Booger and his friends free some of the Mixels including the Nindjas, King Nixel has his Nixel army combined to form a large Nixel Monster to fight Booger. Because this is the Series Finale of Mixels, which is a show about mixing, the final battle could have instead been King Nixel combining with all of the Nixel army and the remaining brain wash Mixels and turn into a large mega ultra Mixel monster, while Booger, his friends, the Nindjas and the remain Mixels that have been freed from the mind-control could have also combing into a large mega ultra Mixel monster and then does battle with the now large mega ultra King Nixel Mixel monster, which would have been a fantastic concept for a climax, but that never happens.
  14. The voice acting is inconsistent. Just listen to Munchstache's lines "HEY, That's my soda!" and "It's simplicity, man.", You'll notice that his voice changes oddly.
  15. Overall, due to the amount of flaws, the huge amount of plot holes and the lack of any advertising/trailers that says that this is the Series Finale (aside from its trailer in the UK), "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away" feels very rushed, as if it was original meant to be a Mid Season Finale/Season Final of Mixels, before it was change into being the Series Finale of Mixels.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Nindjas are awesome and also likeable characters, and their voice acting is decent.
    • On that note, the song that the Nindjas sings as they break into King Nixel's tower is also epic.
    • Despite being forgetful, the Newzers are likeable characters.
  2. The ending of the episode wasn't terrible and is kinda good, as well as it also saved the franchise from ending on a sour note.
  3. There's some funny moments here and there, like the "I smell a story. Dude, we're in a dumpster!" lines.
  4. Even if most of the new BG Mixels are recolours, there are a few new ones introduced here(i.e. Hotstuff, Minur, Freezi Breezi, Yumneedle, Lideye and Kuekard).
  5. This finale has a lot of call backs to the previous episodes.


"Nixel, Nixel, Go Away" received very mixed-to-generally negative reviews by fans and critics alike, alto not as hated as other Cartoon Network series finals such as "Sleeping Ugly", "Lumpus' Last Stand" and "Things Change", its often considered as one of the weakest finales in Cartoon Network, with many fans criticizing the episode's lack of advertising/trailers that says that this is the Series Finale (aside from its trailer in the UK), its weak plot despite it being the series finale, the amount of confusing plot-holes and the lack of any real Mixing in a show called Mixels.